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Bill, I have been following your thread, "A forum friend accuses Pastor Chuck Smith of Hheresy". As I read the posts by others and your replys, I have had one very important fact come so plainly clear to me. The following is not an attack on you but just stating things I found.
I believe you attack me so harshly because I state that I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the BOM and the teachings of the LDS church. My reason for making this statement is that I see from the above mentioned thread, You have no testimony of anything you BELIEVE.
In one of your statements in that thread you made the statement that you read the Bible and make your own decisions as to what they mean. But Bill, What about truth? Just because you believe something means something does not make it so. Because you decided a Bible verse means something does not mean that is what God says it means. What about the truth of a verse and not what you believe it means?
The Bible was written to have one meaning and that is the meaning God meant it to have and not what you BELIEVE it to mean. Bill you , as well as all in this forum can understand the bible as God meant it to be understood and that could end a lot of the arguements in here.
Have YOU asked God if your BELIEF of a verse is actually how God meant it to be understood? BELIEFS are one thing, SURE KNOWLEDGE is a totally different animal!
I took note of some of the things you said in the above mentioned thread and will now take the time to address them.
When you attack my religion you tell others in here to read the book written by two X Mormons, the Tanners if people want to know the truth about Mormonism yet you say of JOHN WIMBER an X CHUCK SMITHITE, that we should overlook what he has to say about Calvery Church. Also in another statement you talked about a woman talking bad about him that she was probably angry because Chuck did or said something she didnt like. Now on one hand you say believe X Mormons and on the other you say dont believe X Chuckites. WHATS UP WITH THAT?
I also see where someone called you on your BELIEFS and you didnt come back with Bibical references to back your beliefs but told them to put you on ignore. Bill , its a hard life to have beliefs but no SURE KNOWLEDGE that those beliefs are true. You also made the implication that its alright to take what ever beliefs you accept from ather religions because it makes the soup taste better. WHATS UP WITH THAT? Jesus Christ set up the one and only recipy for His one and only true organization with His power and authority. He didnt say, if you didnt like the soup then add your own ingreadients. He said here it is , accept it as it is or dont accept it, He isnt going to change it so you will accept it, You must conform your Beliefs to His TRUE TEACHINGS then gain a SURE KNOWLEDGE OF THEM.
You also stated you are in here to point out Bibical truths. Problem is I have found that those BIBICAL TRUTHS you are teaching are actually what you BELIEVE them to mean and not what God intended them to mean.
Bill, I have been accused of much in here but I do know that everyone in here can KNOW the truth of the Bible and not just have BELIEFS of what it means. I was asked in a post in here if I believe that God is my personal lie detector and my answer is yes. We are promised in the scriptures that we can pray to God for answers on all things and we are promised that He will answer us through the power of the Holy Ghost because the Holy Ghost is the witness of all truth.
So Bill, why stick with BELIEFS that may be false when you can have a SURE KNOWLEDGE as to weather a belief we have of something is TRUE or FALSE?
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Originally posted by WINDSONG:
Because you decided a Bible verse means something does not mean that is what God says it means.

That's why there's so many different churches & religions......they all have their own version of what the bible/scriptures say.

This religion section of the forum belongs to Bill Gray....he teaches the gospel according to Bill. Thankfully, most doesn't read his gospel.

He doesn't need your encouragement.....he's full of himself. Big Grin

It'll be interesting to see what he comes up with to put you down some more.

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