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Our safety right?  Maybe the local locality's economic safety you might say. released a list of the 9 worst speed traps in the whole state and among them, no less than five (5) local communities in North Alabama made the list including both sides of the Tennessee River.  Most here could, from experience, name them.

Inside Alabama’s worst speed traps (

  1. Hillsboro, Alabama Hwy 20
  2. North Courtland, Alabama Hwy 20
  3. Town Creek, Alabama Hwy 20
  4. Rogersville, Alabama Hwy 72
  5. Killen, Alabama Hwy 72 (dishonorable mention)
  6. St. Florian (dishonorable mention)

The folks mentioned that are so concerned with our driving safety are the local municipalities police, not the county sheriff or State Troopers but local offers who naturally along with the county sheriff deputies and State Troopers watch over the sections of road mentioned.  Crazy though how 50% of the States infamous speed traps are located in North Alabama.  Years ago I'd ad Gurley, Alabama to that list and I'm frankly surprised it wasn't mentioned in the article.  Hillsboro, North Courtland, & Town Creek were listed as number 1, 2, and 3 greatest offenders or recipients of the speed trap recognition.

It's also telling how many times the officers end up telling the offenders that they can avoid the hit on their personal auto insurance rates by accepting the traffic judge's recommendation for traffic/driving school which also cost more than the ticket would be and also funnels more money directly into the local economy as they don't have to share that money with the State and local Counties. 

Maybe there is no room for sympathy here because yes people are breaking the law and are speeding when they get pulled over so are most likely guilty but the financial hit to the individual is enormous not mainly from the ticket itself but the continual and multiplying increase of Auto Insurance Rates as the Auto Insurance companies get a list of those traffic offenders and in turn raise their insurance rates so a traffic ticket from one of these small municipalities is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Mind you though that all of the municipalities' police chiefs always cite the need for tickets as the safety of the drivers and not the funds that the local towns get from the citations. 

What isn't known is just how many drivers get warnings instead of citations requiring a fine or court and also how egregious the speeding offense was or is.  Did the town's officers issue tickets for 5 mph over the posted speed limit or 10 mph?   In some of the cases, the speed limit is 65 and in those areas, I don't really consider it a speed trap however there are areas within those jurisdictions where the speed limits are posted so low that it's almost impossible to keep to the speed limit.  It's almost like driving through an endless school zone where the speed limits are kept/made so ridiculously low that there is no doubt of the intent of their being there.  Just like in St. Florian where along the main road it was 25 MPH for a while and lately may have been raised back to 35mph account of the numerous complaints.   You can also be assured that the officers that patrol those areas know the best hiding places to conceal their presence and give them ample observation advantages from which to spring from to make sure we are all keeping SAFE.

Drive Safely y'all for what other reason could it be that such diligence is being paid to your driving?  Mind you I'm referring to the local police/patrols and not the County or State Troopers but they too at times are quite zealous in their duties.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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