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While I can't swear to the seems to be true and goes along with what others have said.


'I'm sure there may have been some leftist agitators mixed in. There were also nutters like larouche (sic)cultists but here is the biggest indicator that ANTIFA nor BLM played a significant role. The capitol was NOT set on fire, monuments were not toppled, the walls were not defaced with graffiti. I was there. I did not enter the capitol because I knew that doing so would place myself at mortal risk. President Trump did not show up as he had said he would. I fully believe that if he had that none of the violence would've happened. Where I was in the rear of the Capitol there was no violence at all. If anything it was the capitol cops that were agitating truly peaceful protestors by lobbing canisters of pepper gas unnecessarily. Alex Jones did at one point try to get our whole crowd to move around front right before the storming began. The cops just disappeared in the rear retreating into the capitol. No fighting occurred. I didn't see the fighting till I got home and watched the videos but while the violence was NOT justified, No one was there for insurrection or to overthrow the government even though technically what was happening was a soft coup in the certification of a fraudulent election. If we had wanted to take those congressmen and women into custody there was literally NOTHING they could do against the more than 100 thousand people surrounding the capitol and more than 1 million in the greater mall area and surrounding streets. So those claiming that it was an insurrection should be very thankful it was us and not Democrat leftists (BLM, ANTIFA)'.


Dems idea of telling the truth? Not getting caught in their lies.

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