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A woman in Palmetto, Fla., told police she stabbed herself in the stomach because she doesn’t want to live in Donald Trump’s America.

The distraught woman, whose name is redacted from a police report posted on the Smoking Gun, was covered in blood when cops arrived to her home.


“I observed blood all over (her) legs, hands and face,” responding officer wrote.

When police asked the victim what happened, she lifted her shirt and showed them three self-inflicted stab wounds on her stomach.

“I’m tired of living in Trump’s country. I’m tired of Trump being president,” she reportedly told police. The report said the wounded woman admitted to stabbing herself for those reasons.

An ambulance transferred the injured woman to Blake Medical Center, where she she was reportedly under trauma alert. Police said she had a history of self-harm and that they thought she was a threat to further hurt herself or others.

The responding officer followed the ambulance to the hospital while deputies reportedly stayed in the anti-Trumper’s home where there was “a large amount of blood on the floor of the residence in the kitchen, bathroom and living room.”

Police report that they notified the woman’s daughter of the incident and were expecting her to come to the house later that evening.

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