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I let City Hardware slide off my Restaurant rotation and that was a profound mistake.  I've ate at City Hardware twice in as many weeks and it's been excellent both times.  I've had both Rotisserie Chicken and also Chicken Marsala and both come with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Of those sides I prefer the Broccoli and I can say that every time it's been cooked perfectly, as I like it.  The taste of their Chicken entrees are awesome and the serving proportions are also very good.   

City Hardware also offers sidewalk dining as well as upstairs and the lower area.  City Hardware is also one of those places that accommodates you whether you are casual or formally dressed and is an excellent choice for a special date with your spouse or date.  Their menu is robust and has several offerings so you can most likely find whatever your taste mood is for that day.  I also have to say that their soup offerings are also very good.  City Hardware is well worth a trip for lunch or dinner.  The toughest thing is either going to be finding a parking place or choosing whether or not to eat here or Ricatoni's which is next door, as both are excellent dining choices.

If anyone goes or has been and tried the New Orleans Pasta I'd love to know what you thought of it as it's on my list of next things to try.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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csb518 2 posted:

I like the food at City Hardware too.  But this looks more like a commercial for the restaurant by maybe someone connected to City Hardware......

That happens quite often but not this time. This is GB. He eats out all the time and always critiques the restaurants for everyone....and others get into the discussion with their yeas and nays too.

csb518 2 posted:

I like the food at City Hardware too.  But this looks more like a commercial for the restaurant by maybe someone connected to City Hardware......

Full disclosure ... as JUTU put it no connection whatsoever except, also as she put it, I eat out far too much for my own economic good.  If Rick though (owner of Ricatonis & City Hardware) would want to share some of his profits I'd gladly take it but would prefer it be in complimentary meals at either City Hardware or Ricatonis, where by the way (for me) Sunday night and Monday nights are the best nights to dine there if you like pasta/spaghetti because it's all you can eat, AUCE, soup and salad.  The deal sealer, for them, is if Ricatonis has either Fire Roasted Vegetable, Tomato Florentine, or Chicken Noodle soups.  I can also be critical of Rick (owner of Ricatonis & City Hardware) but due to his commercials not his restaurants.  If you have seen his commercials or advertising they can be nauseating at times and other times just makes you wonder ... What?  Like the billboard, on Highway 72, seen as going from Killen to Florence about Making Florence Great again.  Looking at it, if you didn't know Rick or that he owned City Hardware or Ricatonis, would be thinking here is another politician wannabe looking to take Trump's slogan and apply it to the city of Florence and be the next Mayor. Advertising is not Rick's forte but Restaurants are.

Also, unfortunately like many medical providers, I feel like as much as I spend at some dining establishments I could claim them on my taxes as a dependent.  With the photos and often glowing reviews I can understand the thought that possibly I might be connected with some of them but I'm a retired/disabled (due to Crohn's disease) former Railroad Supervisor that's lived many different places but choose this area due to the great living conditions and the wonderful people in the area.  I also take time, when I can, to review on, Tomato, and TripAdvisor when I can.  Not all restaurants, though, get such glowing reviews as some, even new ones, didn't do so good, at least with me.  Taco Mama, Shoneys, La Hacienda, Las Trojas, Panda Express to name a few.   Some, I believe, do such a good job that their praises need to be sung and highlighted or doted.

Also I realize that the reviews are totally subjective and there most likely will be several that disagree with me also but with all the friction on here (Political and at times Religion forums) I think that a break from some topics is needed or desired.  I'd love to be a food critic though .. one who has their meals expense provided for them by the review source (not the restaurants) to allow for more impartiality.  

Oh yeah, I also started attaching photos because sometimes I believe people like to know what the atmosphere and appearance of a place is before they dine there.  The nuances and everything about the place in addition to the food offerings.

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Agreed .. I'm appreciative you came in and let them know too.  No offense taken from any post here either.  I can see though where some might think I had some connection to a place.  If I did I would be looking for a discount due to it but no favoritism here on the forum and unfortunately (for me) no dining discounts other than the senior where they are offered.

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Made a return trip to City Hardware on Friday Night and they were packed.  Could be due to Handy Festival nights but none the less after waiting 30 minutes or so for a table I was able to try one of their Steaks.  Actually chose the Sirloin this time around which was their least quality steak right under the Filet and Ribeye but the steak was cooked impeccably and was quite likely the best tasting Sirloin I've had in the Shoals area.  

We also ordered the Rotisserie Chicken and I tried it with the BBQ and White sauce.  I'm not usually a fan of white sauces but theirs was very tasty and the Chicken was prepared perfectly as well.  We topped off the meal with their "Skillet Cookie" which was equally as good but you have to beware of the temperature that this comes out at.  They had to just put the ice cream on right before bringing it to the table because the cookie (and cast iron skillet) was so hot you could hardly put it in your mouth.  At this temp the ice cream melted quite fast but it was a great dessert and hopefully next time I can save room for either the Banana Pudding or crème brûlée since I've never tried it but always heard about it.

I'm happy that I can report yet another great dining experience at City Hardware and I do plan to return sometime soon in hopes to try the Pork Chop or Chicken Marsala.  

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