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My wife recently purchased a George Foreman indoor grill. The mini-cookbook which came with the grill is not that impressive. I’m looking for other recipe’s to try as it seems the grill tends to dry out the meat as compared to other cooking methods. Does anyone have a good recipe to share for use on a George Forman indoor grill?
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I think the big selling point for the Foreman Grill is that it reduces the fat content of meat, so it will likely yield a dryer meat since it drains the fat. The only thing I use mine for is the occasional hamburger and for panini-like grilled sandwiches. Chicken was awful on it, and NEVER grill a steak on it. I had a roommate do that once and you'd have a tastier meal by just eating the cash that you were going to spend on the steaks :-)

Experiment with vegetables and sandwiches. It really does make a nice, melty grilled sandwich.
When I use my GF grill for meat, I turn the meat every few minutes. I know it says you don't have to, but it seems to help keep the moisture in better. The meat still comes out a little dry. It's good for quick meals, but for true grilled steaks or chicken, I'd rather break out a grill. They make electric indoor grills, but nothing beats a "real grill". Smiler
I have used our GF to cook bacon and it tastes so much better than when cooked in the microwave but without the grease you get in a frying pan. One way to help your burgers hang onto some moisture is to add something to the meat to help it retain just a little of the juice. On separate occasions I have added the following: a packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix; a couple of tablespoons of Dale's Steak Sauce; a raw egg and a handful of oats; finely ground up carrot or potato or both. Each of these items gives a slightly different taste to the burgers, but also helps the meat retain a little moisture because as the meat cooks, what you've added soaks up just a little of the meat juices and keeps the burgers moist. Good luck and happy grilling!
Thank gawd it wasn’t named after Hogan! “Body by steroids” is not the image a cooker needs to have.

So thanks y’all for some interesting ideas. I pretty much “doctor” my bambiburgers like TDB except I use onion/mushroom soup mix and add some bacon chips.

I’ve never done bacon on a GF, but tomorrow I will.

I grilled steaks on it one time... a self correcting error never again to be repeated.

But I’ve never had any problem cleaning it. Just wipe it down with a moist paper towel while it was warm is all I’ve ever done.

Now if I could teach it how to fry a turkey or make venison stew or smoke tenderloin...
Originally posted by mightymouse:
Ya know, The George Foreman grill was originally supposed to be known as the Hulk Hogan grill. The company thats makes it actually wanted Hulk Hogan to endorse it but when he didn't get back to them quick enough it was given to George Foreman.
Funny huh

HH now has one of his own on the market...
Stinky...LOVE my grill. Tell your wife to save this for when she doesn't feel like cooking at all...super simple & easy.

Grilled Chicken Salad

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
Dale's Sauce
Bagged Salad (already prepared -comes in several variations now)
Bagged Shredded Carrots
Shredded Cheese
Your Favorite Salad Dressing

Cut up boneless skinless chicken breasts into bite-size pieces. Marinate briefly in Dale's sauce (how long depends on how much of the Dale's sauce flavor you want - I only leave mine a few minutes). I flip mine every couple of minutes until browned well - doesn't take long at all. Throw it on the salad & enjoy.

If it's not one of those days where I'm really beat, I'll add whatever sounds yellow squash, cucumbers, onions, etc. - just whatever you like.
A few of my favorite things that I’ve made on the GFG were turkey burgers and grilled vegetables. I’d chop up an apple and mix it with a few crumbled Ritz crackers, egg, and seasoning with the ground turkey and the apple helped with the moisture. We’d also grill a bag of green giant vegetables (the cauliflower, broccoli, and potato mix with the garlic sauce pack that came with it). Just spray top and bottom of grill with Pam. I used it for quick grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.

It was a pain to clean. I’d take about two wet paper towels and spread them onto the grill and close the lid. By the time that I’d finish cleaning the table and loading the dishwasher, the grill was easier to wipe clean with dry paper towels. I did sell ours in a yard sale (but forgot to include the drip tray) because we live in a house with Mickey Mouse cabinets and didn’t have room for it.

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