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Did Zavala (Mexican First Lady) buy her dress for the state dinner at your yard sale? Unless there is some kind of intricate handiwork that does not show up on the internet it is a relative insult to her hosts and an expression of her low esteem for the US. Or was she poor mouthing as preparation for a loan begging? I told you it was gossip! Go look!

I am an essentially flawed individual who nevertheless does the right thing enough of the time.

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Originally posted by beternU:

The dress has an Aztec motif.

If you don't like it, the Aztecs will cut out your heart while you are still alive and offer your carcass up to their god, Quifcoxzolotlik!

Not if we can help it!!! Thanks to Arizona law maybe we can head them off at the pass!!! Yee-ha!.
BTW, EM, I ain't a girl, but it looked tacky to me as well...:-)

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