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today many post mourning 9/11.   however few stand by their country.

We watched as a Muslim was voted to the highest government position.  We have watched as Muslims have been voted into congress, Mayors and city councils.   They are taking our country down from the inside.  

We hear presidential candidate and their sheep say  our president is trying to be a dictator.  Then they tell us how they will make government bigger, taking over more aspects of our lives.  

We hear them call us racist, fascist, etc. then stand by and watch them talk of killing the president, stopping free speech,  attacking people because of how they voted or that they are wearing a hat.  

We listen while presidential candidates talk of open borders, free college and health care for illegals.   We watched while boat loads of Muslims were imported, most put on tax payer support.  

Not only we need to vote republican,, we need to educate our children on what is going on.    Stand for God, your family/friends and our country.

call me what you want, unfriend me,,, I stand for the United States of America.  Not global government control.

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1130 posted:

I have a grip,,, I have been called bigot, racist, etc.   I stand for our country, against traitors like you.   Muslims are our enemy and those who support them.

What's on you're mind chief? What's hurting you? You wanna talk about it?

Have I called you a bigot or racist? Pretty sure I haven't. I've never called you a traitor though.

"We watched while boat loads of Muslims were imported, most put on tax payer support".  

And American citizens losing jobs so the Muslim owners of companies could give those jobs to those "refugees" who were supposed to be women and orphaned children...but as we saw....were overwhelmingly young healthy single males without families. Canada will not allow a single Muslim male without a family to immigrate into their country.

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