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Jack Flash posted:
skyryder posted:
Blacks aren't into helping blacks but make it difficult for those
blacks in real need of help. One good example, what has
mobumer done for blacks lately. What has hellary/clintions
ever done...


Blacks aren't into helping blacks but make it difficult for those
blacks in real need of help.
That's true, but also true of all Democrats. Blacks are just more obnoxious and mouthy about their feeling of entitlement.

Lost in the slavery protest and accusations is the blame that should go toward those that enslaved the slaves in the first place, put them on the boats and were the ones who set up the supply in the first place.  Blacks enslaved their own people and sent them to the west, across the ocean, for labor.  Slavery goes on today as well in parts of the world yet all too many today, who are not oppressed or that slavery has nothing at all to do with their lot of their own life tend to want to blame everyone but their own selves for their own poor decisions in life. 

Also what goes unmentioned and unappreciated are the many whites who fought for, shed their own blood, and fought to secure freedom for slaves and minorities.   Many people today want to cry for reparations when they are in the situation they  are in because of mainly their own doing or choices they have made.  Maybe relatives of those killed securing freedom should be rewarded and paid for the sacrifices of their relatives but then that never is an issue. 

I am sure that there are people that are in unfortunate situations, not of their own making or doing, but if anyone is due reparations it should be those who are relatives of and descendants of the American Indians who were the ones whose rights were really trampled on but the fact is that punishing people who have nothing to do with what happened long ago is also a bad policy but one which liberals who seemingly want to feel bad about themselves for every ill in the world concentrate on all the time. 

If your conscience condemns you or bothers you because you somehow feel some measure of privilege or guilt then by all means pony up what ever you feel will make you find some measure of solitude but don't go forcing your feelings and your guilt on everyone else.   On that point I should have held my peace about I suppose but that's at least my opinion about the matter. 

I guess I'm bitter because my wife surely deserves to be classified as disabled account of her health but she has been turned down for that status yet the very first question ask of her, during the phone interview, was what was her race.  That's a question that never should be ask unless it matters and in this case I fully believe that her race played a major part in her decline of disability status so  I still believe people are affected by their race today and that there is discrimination at play, within our own government.  It shouldn't be there but many know it is.  Time will tell if things get better or worse.

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