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Nothing he said he will do will happen.

term limits, banning politicians from becoming lobbyists, no paycheck?

Why do y'all think sessions was trying to get back in the senate? republican politicans have the easiest jobs in the country.  What does shelby even do?

Support Democracy. Racism/bigotry is a mental disease.

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Maybe tubbs should agree to a debate so somebody can ask him about Citizens Untied and ALEC.

He won't even answer questions from reporters.


The Montgomery Advertiser sent nine questions to Democratic U.S. Sen. Doug Jones and Republican Senate nominee Tommy Tuberville on abortion and gun rights. Jones' responses are printed below. The Tuberville campaign declined to answer the questions. Should they change their minds, we will include their answers here.

Another grifter...?

A review by The New York Times found that Mr. Tuberville, who is leading Senator Doug Jones in the polls, has a history of involvement with at least three people who were later convicted of financial fraud in what were described as Ponzi schemes. Mr. Tuberville was largely seen as a victim and was never charged with a crime.

In two episodes, Mr. Tuberville lost millions of dollars. A third was more minor, when Mr. Tuberville and his wife, Suzanne, bought a home through a company created by a lawyer who was later convicted of running a real estate-related Ponzi scheme.

The Times review included a small charitable foundation created by Mr. Tuberville, finding that its tax records indicated that less than a third of its proceeds went to the veterans’ causes it was set up to advance. The foundation also had bookkeeping issues.

The review raised questions about Mr. Tuberville’s judgment and financial acumen. While he has said on the campaign trail that he hoped to serve on the “banking finance” committee — the Senate has separate, and prestigious, banking and finance committees — he has at times undercut his own qualifications. In regards to an ill-fated hedge fund venture, he once told a reporter, “I’m not smart enough to understand all the numbers.”

ok,,, so term limits is something I have seen supported by voters on both sides.  Draining the swamp has a bit of bipartisan voter support,, only thing is both sides just want to clean out the other side.  Jones is a Pelosi put puppet, I have seen in many democrat elected. They run as a moderate then vote as told by their party leaders. Personally I didn't vote for McConnel or Pelosi as leaders. 

The questions were geared to the liberal side of things. So I can see why He didn't reply.  Same as I don't respond to surveys, they are geared to liberal side.  Tuberville supports Trump, however sounds like more of an independent.  Won't know til he gets there, However we already know Jones is a follower not a leader.

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