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i haven't tried it yet, but i do have friends that ate here and loved it.

the use local food in their restaurant. gotta love that.

i know the address is 462 lane drive. i have no idea where lane dr is other than at industrial park

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I don't know that it's a dedicated restaurant but rather some kind of clothing store where they make everything to order.   Kind of high brow for this area isn't it?

mouse over each item to discover it's price highlights as the cursor moves over it or here is a link to one of their items they can and will make for you:


You can also take advantage of scheduling a day to go over to their place and observe how they do what they do.  That will only set you back $1,250.00 for the day.    This place might make it but I'd far expect to see something like this in Atlanta, San Fransisco , or New York.  Just an opinion mind you.

Originally Posted by direstraits:

`Took a couple of fashionistas from St, Louis to their opening.  Appetizers were pretty good, but don't remember details.  Planning to go back for some of their bar items, soon. 


bahahahaha... so, a couple of buyers for dillard's . bahahahahaha!

st. louis.. the mecca of clothing design. bahahahaha.


btw, the 'firms' website is down.


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I am sure that all the negative commentary above would be regarded by the sophisticates at Alabama Chanin and their clientele as the crude rantings of the unwashed masses.  If that is so, then count me proud to be among the unwashed masses. I would certainly not wish to be thought of as one who shared their tastes and preferences and even less as one who would be so dense and naive as to accept their pricing as anything other than a calculated scheme to dupe the well-heeled pseudo-cognoscenti into paying such outrageous prices for such tacky apparel.



With Reid and Chanin, we see a result of changes in the marketplace due to the internet.  No longer must such business base themselves in large cities.  They can be quite comfortable in smaller towns, use local talent and run their companies from areas they prefer to live.  Beats the heck out of commuting to the old Manhattan garment district and all the problems associated with that.


We may not like their fashions, but they have found a market and are making a living and hiring locals.  Beats sending the work to China. 


BTW, the fashionistas (buyers) I accompanied to Chanin were not from Dillards, but from more high end boutiques. 

Ate lunch at Chanin's.  Three choices --- two soups and upscale version of pimento cheese sandwich.  I tried the white bean, sausage and kale soup in tomato base.  Tasty though unusual for the area.  Came with a large spring mix salad vinaigrette. dressing and whole wheat toast.  I believe the other soup was sweet potato.  Several dessert offerings including chocolate crepes and Sugarbakers wedding cake.  Also have Belle Chevre cheese from Alabama.  I'll go back. Probably buy the cheese, as well.  Belle Chevre and Humboldt Fog are about the only two goat cheeses I prefer.  Most are white and chalky..

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