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Very good and outstanding job today at the ribbon cutting and opening of the new Publix in Florence today. The customer service team seemed to be committed to making Florence their home. The prices were cheaper than Wal-Mart on everything and their sale items were outstanding. Thank you for such a well trained staff.

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Being using Publix for awhile both here in Alabama and Florida and I think you will be impressed each time you visit the store. Their customer service is tops in my book and they still have a meat dept. with actual folks working in there and they are always glad to get you what you wish.


Forgot to ask did they have the 1 cent thing in your local paper today? Also Wed. is the 5% off for seniors if that is applicable.

Originally Posted by MountainMan:

I did not see the 1 cent things but numerous but one get one items.

They generally have that here in Decatur paper on Wed and they will have it set up in the store generally towards the back row area. The BOGO is every week and generally good deals. I know if you don't want/need both items they ring up 50% off if you get one here. This weeks circular has a 10 dollar off BP  $50 gas card  with each 50 buck purchase which is  a pretty good savings if you need that many groceries.

I hate to tell you, but WalMart is not even competitive on pricing.


They just go in and try to blow everybody else out of their retail market.  You know, like build two new stores they have no need for. 


I just don't find WalMart to be very appetizing in the food market.  And then I have to face the front of the store and compete with all the general shoppers for a checkout stand.  It's very distasteful place to shop. 

I went by this afternoon.  I don't keep a lot of prices in my head, but I do know what 2 liter Cokes go for.  At Publix they were $1.79, which is outrageous; but they were also selling them buy 2, get 1 free which puts them at lower than Wal-Mart. 


It's nice to have a real grocery store in the area. 


I don't know if the Wal-Mart crowd will move over, the aisles are too narrow to stop and yak with each other for an hour.

 I visited Publix last night. Had intentions on only checking out the offerings and not to buy anything, but was so impressed with the choices they have and went ahead and spent some money. 

I will prefer to spend a little more in order to have a choice in brand name and variety than to go To Walmart and have a choice of their own generic brand and possible one other!

Originally Posted by David L.:

I'm happy to hear that the prices are low. I was talking to someone last week and he was telling me that he didn't think they would not be as low as Wal-mart.


It's like Target.  Some things will be cheaper, some will be more This isn't the 80s when Wal-mart was the only people doing just in time delivery, everyone else has largely figured it out.  Shop where you enjoy the service or will get out quicker. Sometimes waiting 30 minutes to check out washes out the $.30 you saved on washing powder.

I went there and it exceeded my expectations. Like someone said, some things are higher, some are lower. But the tremendous selection is amazing plus they have lots of health food and organic brands that appeal to me. And an olive bar! Wow! I'm not really a drinker but I couldn't help but notice that the liquor section is HUGE. Employees were a tad too chatty and friendly - I prefer to just be left alone when I'm shopping - but that is probably the newness.

Originally Posted by Chillin&Grillin:

Even if Publix was cheaper on the coffee, Wal-Mart will match any price.

Maybe, but I've never heard of Wal-mart matching % off or BOGO offers.


For that matter, I've never even gotten them (at least around here) to honor their own price when the register came up with something different than the sign by the items.

I stopped in this morning to get a few things and the crowd was not bad, as for customer service I think they might be trying a little too hard but then again they are new. I could barely turn a corner without someone asking if I was finding everything OK and when I got to the checkout there was no waiting, one person grabbed my cart and started unloading it for me while another did the check out and two more were bagging. When we were done, one of the guys was insistent on taking my buggy to the car even though I only had 4 bags and could have easily carried them myself. I guess a lot of people like the attentiveness but I prefer to be left alone and will ask for help if I need it. Most of the prices were decent and I was glad to see that they have a really good deli and seafood dept

I also noticed how the employees are always asking if you are finding what you are needing at ever new isle or display case. I like others have said like to be left alone to do my shopping. If I need something I'll find someone to ask or get some help. I think that's just the way Publix is though. A full service grocery store. The one in Huntsville was the same way. 


As far as a huge selection, yeah they've got that. I've never even seen some of the stuff they carry at any other stores. Very interesting mix of stuff and lots of variety. I think they'll do well with folks who like to be catered to and waited on though. 

I think one reason they're so "attentive" right now is because they know the store is new to everyone, and they want you to find everything, give you a chance to ask for things in case you don't see it in the store and are thinking they don't have it. They'll stay helpful, but they won't hover over you. And yes, they offer to carry your bags even if you only have one. I always tell them I can get it unless they just want to go outside. They always say they don't mind going out, no matter the weather, and they won't take a tip.

If you have a cart full of groceries, they are going to go to the car with you, no matter what.  They are going to bring the cart back.  I like that.  No carts rolling around in the parking lot scratching my car or blocking spaces.


I have to agree that the choices are better.  Wal-mart has steadily been cutting back on the number of brands they carry and replacing them with their generic items. They carry Boar's Head ham which CrustyWife loves.


I've only purchased one thing from the bakery, but everything there looks great. 


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