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MORE proof the left has lost their minds! They are straight up insane!

“Outnumbered” co-host Harris Faulkner leveled CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday over comments he made on his show late last week in which he claimed that widespread police reforms would only happen when “white kids” start getting killed in large numbers.

During his Friday monologue, Cuomo recounted a number of recent police shootings involving young black men that were made high-profile by outsized media coverage before making his controversial remarks.

“You know what the answer is…you really do. You don’t like it, I don’t like it…it scares me,” he said. “Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change. Your kids start getting killed, white people’s kids start getting killed,” Cuomo said. “Smokin’ that doobie that’s actually legal, probably, in your state now, but they [police] don’t know what it was and then the kid runs and, pop, pop, pop pop! Cop was justified. ‘Why’d you run?’ Oh, he had a baseball game tonight. White kid, big family, oh, that house over there.”

“Oh, my goodness. He meant what he said,” Faulkner remarked after playing a clip of Cuomo making his comments on Friday, and before playing another clip of Cuomo from his Monday program doubling down on his earlier claim.

“Oh, my gosh! And no one uses the ‘r’ word against him?” an astonished Faulkner said in response, wondering why Cuomo was not being called a racist.

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“He thinks there are no black people in the suburbs! I’m gonna use the ‘i’ word — he is straight-up ignorant! There are black people in the suburbs! What’s he talking about?” she exclaimed.

Fox News contributor and fill-in host Lawrence Jones agreed, adding, “I reject the premise of his conversation because it’s just factually not true.”

Jones went on to cite instances where he and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) were likely racially profiled by police, but added that he’s had “mostly good” interactions with them. He also noted that when whites are killed by police in the exact same way as blacks are, there is no outrage from left-wing pundits like Cuomo.

“I just wonder when CNN and Chris Cuomo, in particular, are going to be outraged about all the violence that’s happening in inner-city communities around the country?” co-host Tomi Lahren responded, adding that it seems the network’s coverage only focuses on a particular “narrative they want to push.”

“Race, race, race,” said Lahren. “Let’s also focus on the actions of the suspect and the victim, and say hey listen, there are bad apples out there in the policing community, but if you comply you will go home safe to your family at night. That needs to be the message, not one of martyrdom for resisting arrest.”

“This is amazing,” Kayleigh McEnany went on to say after Faulkner said she teaches her kids to respect the “human race,” regardless of skin color.

“Chris Cuomo needs to take a hard look in the mirror, because he also said in his clean up of these comments, or double down if you will, he said, look this has brought out some of the worst and most divisive rhetoric out of us, this incident and these racial tensions. Well, he’s one of the chief perpetrators of that!” McEnany continued.

“He said ‘who says protests have to be peaceful?’ Those were words from the mouth of Chris Cuomo before making further incendiary remarks,” she added. “We all need to step back and say how is my rhetoric contributing to the conversation.”

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