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Can anyone recommend a good reliable roofer? In exchange i will give you the name of one that isn't worth fooling
This morning someone gave me a joke answer when i asked for help, which was okay since i had already called someone else.... Well, at noon the someone else i called said they had to look at one other house, but would be here in about an hour. I still haven't seen him.
At 4:30 i called his beeper and left my number...he didn't call back. At 5:00 i called the main number and left a voice mail asking if he was going to show up and i would appreciate hearing from him... and left my number, again.
It's almost 6:00 and he still hasn't called back. Meanwhile, the wet spot on the ceiling has gotten a bit larger and next to it there's now a very small crack in the sheetrock.
It's too late to call anyone else tonight and tomorrow is Sunday.
If you can recommend someone good and reliable it will be greatly appreciated!
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Originally posted by *~*Manda*~*:
How aggrivating is that?

Sorry that happened to you hun. I don't know of any, offhand, but I wish you much luck on getting it fixed soon.

*waves and says hi btw* Smiler


oh my goodness!!!! wow!!!! what an honor!!!! now straight to the point!!!!! meet and greet thread in Misc. hahahahahahahaha

*~*Manda*~*: you are the one i hear so much about from some friends!!! Wink
nice to see you around!!!!
Hey, Manda! good to see you on here!
Thanks everyone for your help...i've gotten some good recommendations.

Salsa, i wish i could reach the place in the attic where it's leaking, but i can't. Frowner

In the past i've gotten on the roof and smeared some tar on the chimney flashing and done other things up there, but this time it's a bit beyond what i'm comfortable with since it's the part of the roof with the steepest pitch. And i'm not crazy about going up and down the ladder when i'm alone.
Three's a metal mushroom vent on that part of the roof and i'm hoping the leak is coming from it's base, and not a shingle problem.
Puf...I can recommend a good one but he had to leave town earlier this afternoon due to a family emergency and will not be back in town until late tomorrow evening. I'm sorry you did not receive a call back and hope you found someone to fix your problem. You know, sometimes things are beyond our control.
Originally posted by salsa_babe:
I recommend Kevin Mansel. He did a good job for me.
He usually has an ad in the Courier Journal. But I guess
he is in the phone book.

Kevin is an honest hard working guy & will do the job right the first time.
I've known him for years, from way back when he worked at Marvin's with my mother.
I've used him & I'd recommend him to anyone needing a good roofer!

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