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I went to Zaxbys today with my daughter. I ordered 2 birthday cake milkshakes to go. This is my first visit to the Muscle Shoals location. I have never EVER recieved a bad shake from the Florence store. For those of you familiar with the shakes, they are very thick. They are topped off with a heavy layer of chocolate cake batter and sprinkles. You recieve a flair milkshake straw to slurp them with. It's one of my fav shakes around..

Now my experience at the MS store.
I ordered my milkshakes like normal. While waiting at a table near the counter, a restaurant employee had just clocked out. I was playing a game on my phone. He just walked up to me and said "sir, I don't want to walk all the way to the back(he made it sound like an extended trip) can I use your phone? I need to call my ride." Who asks a random customer that?

Now the shakes..
I was handed them at the counter. They were less than half full. They had NO CAKE BATTER TOPPING OR SPRINKLES. I asked the employee "are these mine.". The boy said "yep..oh sorry we're out of the cake batter and sprinkles." I said to him "shouldnt you tell the customer that before he orders the item." The boy just literally shrugged his shoulders like he couldnt care.

I grit my teeth and walk out to my car. I was so annoyed I failed to notice we didnt get milkshake straws with our shakes. We were given plastic spoons. This has never happened before. Well, you think with spoons, it was like some really thick shake right? JEEZ, here's the worst part. It was nothing but water. It was less than 1 minute between the time I got the shakes and got to my truck. Both shakes were nothing but pure sugar water.

I carried them back in and explained to the employee running the register. She literally said "sir you left the restaurant with it. We can't do anything."

I was tired, frustrated and extremely annoyed. I decided to leave and call back to speak to a manager. I explained my situation to the store manager. She was extremely nice and offered a card for free milkshakes for my entire family(of 6).

I might go back there, might not. But, thats certainly not good service for a first time.
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friend of mine went to the same place today.
he said there were maybe 6 people in the place and no one in line and it still took 20 minutes to get the order for himself and his 4 year old son.

that was his only complaint tho.. the food was good and hot, the people were friendly and nice, but they seem to be in slo-mo.
Hopefully one of the owners of the Muscle Shoals franchise will see this. I would think they would be horrified to find that one of their employees actually lacked enough sense to ask for a customer's phone.
Maybe it will take a few weeks for them to work out the kinks, if they don't work them out then they won't last long. I've always liked Zaxby's.
That does sound terrible. I've always had good service at the Florence location. Now you've brought my attention to these shakes which I was unfamiliar with! I will have to try one.

It sounds like it was being run by a bunch of teenagers. They are usually terrible employees and have no decorum or concern. Unbelievable about the phone request!
[quote]This is my first visit to the Muscle Shoals location. I have never EVER recieved a bad shake from the Florence store.[/quote]

You were in Hooterville, what did you expect? The McDonald's over there is the slowest McDonald's in North America. Don't even get me started on the Krystal.

To be fair, I've been in the Florence Zaxby's when they were out of both napkins and catsup. Who ever does their ordering doesn't know their job. They couldn't even figure out that Sam's was just right behind them.
Crusty, You've obviously never been to the McD's at Seven Points. The drive-thru service runs at glacial speed no matter what time of day or night. It's almost comical. The problem with fast-food drive-thru operations in general is the fact that most of the people working the drive=thru windows have a cumulative IQ of 2. It takes a 3 just to grunt. However, I do agree about the Krystal in M.S.
It must have been just you. I have been there three times including my ZIP which was the day they had their trial run, and all my food was great. And served in a timely manner. My shakes were done to perfection and just as good as the Florence location. Every time I go by there, there is a line forming on Avalon just to get in there.

But you are still complaining and you got a card for 6 free milkshakes? I am sure you can get those at Florence and not have to go in the Muscle Shoals store ever again if you choose to do so.
My wife and I have been there twice and had no problems. Granted, the drive-thru personnel need to get more comfortable doing what they do. . . The food has been outstanding both times. Things I'd fix: 1) Install PA speakers in the outside dining area so you can get your seat and still hear when your order is ready. 2) Serve all food with a side of self-control, so I don't eat so much when I go there.

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