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The last time I picked up wings at Wing Shack,it was called something else. But it is my understanding from seeing some post, the new owners left the size of the wings the same. Why? can't fiqure that one out since that is one of the main reasons people quit going back. If they have continued those size of wings they need to be called Sparrow Wings instead of Chicken Wings...

At that time, they were way over cooked and waaaaaaaaaaaay over priced

If they ever increase their size of the wings will someone post it...
Getalife who made you the Wing King around here? Legends wings are the closest thing to a true buffalo wing that florence has to offer, and i should know namely because i've had wings from the place that created buffalo wings, the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York. now you may not prefer the taste compared to what you consider a good wing, but if someone is looking for a true buffalo wing, legends is where its at. just because you don't like them doesnt mean that they suck.
thomaswayne0907 I am glad you have had wings from the Anchor bar. If you knew what you were talking about and went and ate the wings at Stephano's you would know that they are just like the Anchor Bar wings. (or at least I have been told that by someone who has eaten the ancor bar wings as well) As for the "Wing King" title. Not sure but thanks for the acknowledgement. I am glad you know who you are talking too as well. I also don't understand that because my opinion differs from yours about Legends wings why that makes me a noob? But just remember Legends wings SUCK!
Getalife.. so by you knowing someone who ate there makes you an expert on which wings are the same? That makes no sense whatsoever.. Thomaswayne said he himself had eaten the wings and he himself felt like Legends' wings were the closest comparison. Either go to the Anchor Bar eat the wings and then write your comparison or quit comparing 2 different wings one of which you've never eaten..
your totally missing the point hoss, i couldn't care less if you like stephanos wings and not legends, that's your deal, all i'm saying is that just because you don't prefer something doesn't mean that they "suck". how hard is that to understand? some don't prefer blue cheese to dip them in, does that mean that blue cheese sucks? or ranch is better? no, it means someone PREFERS one over the other. gah, freaking third grader could understand that concept
I don't like Legends wings therefore I think they suck. They are not crispy but rather gummy and the sause is not very good to me. I did not realize that I could not proclaim that something sucked if I did not like it. If you think Legends wings are good thats great. You are the one eating them not me. I still say they suck. As far as "thaman" comment about my comment making no sense. I understand where you are coming from but the guy who told me this I trust and he is a pretty good food critic. I challange you thomaswayne0907 to go and eat Stephano's wings and if you don't like them better than legends I will let this die. For $6.50 you get 10 wings and celery and dressing. Now go eat some and let me know what you think.
so you say the sauce is not very good to you, how bizarre, seeing as how the sauce is just like the sauce at Anchor Bar. yet you stated earlier that your friend thinks that AB and Stephanos are the same...hmm...doesn't make sense but whatever, we all have different taste buds. your merely a troll anyways so i doubt your negative comments will take any business away from legends in the same manner that shoals diner's comments havent taken any away from fatboys. oh and when i say troll i mean you just get on here to start ****. dont take it personal
i'm quite fond ricatoni's wings.
they are the best i've had in the shoals. i've had legends wings, and didn't care for them. if they really are more like genuine buffalo wings, it just tells me to skip genuine buffalo wings Smiler
but my fav are the wings at hooters, hands down.
i also love hooters steamed oyseters, which go great with the wings Smiler
people spend so much time drooling or whining abotu the uniforms, everyone forgets that they have really great food.

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