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Jimmy Carter channeling Hillary Clinton, how about that?  Trump didn't actually win the 2016 election so according to Jimmy Carter Hillary Did.  That ole Electoral College thing shouldn't apply anyway at least not until the Democrats need it to apply.  I think what Jimmy is channeling though is the same thing that Hillary is trying to say, in many ways, that Russia helped Trump to win so he isn't legit.  

The real amusing thing is that these people are the same ones that gave Donald Trump all kinds of grief when he said he might not accept the results of the 2016 election if he didn't win.  These people still can't 3 years down the line accept the results of the election.  Talk about "Sore losers".

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Jutu posted:

No Jimma...Russians didn't try to interfere with the election. That was and still is the lefty media...illegals...dems pretending to be Russians...and all other foreign pals of the democrats.

You know I don't doubt that the Russians🇷🇺, the Chinese🇨🇳, the Israelis🇮🇱 and any other nation/country that wanted to improve their relations with or benefit from the election attempted to contribute or sway votes in some way or another.  The REAL injustice and even hypocrisy of it is the United States🇺🇸 (WE) also attempt to sway and affect other elations around the globe and then want to act all sanctimonious when we have our elections.  I have no doubts, with the same degree of certainty, that Obama (and the Republicans when they were in power) attempted to influence the Israelis🇮🇱 election, Canadian🇨🇦, Mexican🇲🇽, and also any nation in South America in addition to England🇬🇧, Germany🇩🇪, and yes Russia🇷🇺 to whatever degree we could.  

So to me it's unquestionable that foreign nations and powers try to influence our elections but I don't believe any of them have had any direct affect in the outcome or counting of votes.  For that matter I have no doubt that both DemocratsImage result for donkey emoji and Republicans🐘 in various degrees attempt to skew and alter the actual ballot counts to go in their favor.  All this faux anger over Russia is crazy when you have actual ballot tampering that very well could affect the actual outcomeImage result for ballot box emoji of the election as they have had in Broward Country, Florida for several election cycles what with missing boxes of ballots and finding other boxes of ballots that just happened to be in a person's trunk.   

There are numbers of dead people⚰️ who vote every election and if people were so interested in making sure our elections were accurate thn WHY does a certain political party Image result for donkey emoji almost uniformly oppose Voter Identification efforts around the nation?  Why not be in favor of a person proving that they are legitimate to vote Image result for drivers license emojiand that they can only cast one vote?   The same political party is all in favor of registering everyone they can to vote but only from segments of the population that tend to favor their political party.  I wish we could count on accurate and honest elections but that isn't, and likely will never be, the case.



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