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One of my frends just got a diamond ring. I dont wanna be the one to tell her but it don't look real at all. She was bragging and sending pictures out for people to see of it with her phone. I don't want to get her boyfriend in trouble cause he"s a friend to by telling her how fake it looks.
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From a jewel site,

Urban Myth
It seems to have become an urban myth that only diamond can cut glass, therefore anything that can cut glass must be a diamond. The perpetuation of this myth really says more about the infinite stupidity of which people are capable!

Misleading Dealers and Advertising
One of the reasons why this senseless myth still remains is dishonest traders. Many dealers and traders, offering imitation diamonds, attempt to mislead their target market with such claims as "It Even Cuts Glass!". Actually, what motivated us to write this particular information page for our website was an advert by somebody called Monark Diamonds of Knightsbridge in London, making precisely the claim we have just mentioned, plus a few more besides, and all without stating what they were actually selling.

It Even Cuts Glass - So What?
As a consumer, your reaction whenever you see a claim such as this, should be "So what?". Any trader making such a claim, especially if they give it prominence as a selling point, obviously have so little else of merit they can say about their goods, that they have to resort to attempting to baffle you with bull****.
Originally posted by Captain Obvious:
The best way to know if a diamond is real or not is to buy it yourself. Why women set such store is something so trivial is beyond me. A woman who obsesses over a rock some poor South African dug out of the ground with his bare hands is a shallow, trifling thing.

So true. I always had a diamond return clause in my pre-nups. When I divorced my 3rd wife I got a kick butt set of gold clubs, and no third world natives were injured in the process.

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