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Things must be really bad for Republicans to drag HRC back into the news.

Things must really be bad for you if you don't know she brought herself back into the news yesterday when she came out  and proceeded to tell Joe Biden what he could do to fix his mess. How didn't you know this since you pretend to know everything?  IF you don't want her discussed, tell her to shut up and go away.

Hillary Clinton Gives Advice on How Joe Biden Can Turn Things Around (

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@JH1961 posted:

If Republicans (NOT RINOs who ARE traitors to America) are 'traitors to America's, where do you place America's Founding Fathers?

Let's see if you can actually provide an honest answer without any of your usual defection and diversion bull****.

Well, I don't think America's Founding Fathers would support an insurrection to overthrow Democracy.... so there's that.

Do you think the will of the American voters should just be cancelled out because Republicans didn't like the outcome?
Lets see if you can provide an honest answer.. WITH ACTUAL PROOF OF YOUR CLAIMS... without any of your usual conspiracy theory website bull****.

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