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florence has been pretty good, from their beginning...

we have several good teams in the area.

i haven't heard how muscle shoals is gonna be this year..

deshler has over 80 kids playing.. its gonna be a huge team.. seems everybody wants to play for a winner!

i think colbert co. is having a building year with a young team, but you never know with them. they may be a contender, anyway.

sheffield may be a dark horse, this season.

and i haven't heard anything about brooks, yet.

Last edited by Crash.Override missed that spot in the corner.......


Florence almost pulled off the upset against Shades Valley (no 2) last week. I am expecting them to go deeper in the play offs this year. Will they make it to the final? Ask me in a few more weeks......

Muscle Shoals is a team "on a mission". I expect them to go deep in the play offs.

Sheffield tuned up against Mars Hill last week. Mars Hill, fielding the first team in school history will struggle. We will see more about Sheffield this week, but I expect them to have a good season.

Looking for Colbert County to show some serious promise this season. They are young, but..........

Deshler is Deshler. They will smash you in the mouth and enjoy doing it. Should have a really good season, but they do have a new coach this year...........

Brooks, I am thinking that are going to have a very good year. Too early to tell for sure, but I think this team has a strong desire.......

I may be wrong, but I think Shoals Christian will struggle this year. They look very small to me. Physically that is......

Central should have a good team. Seems like they have good chemistry......but, we will see.

Waterloo played (and were beat by) the Alabama School for the Deaf last week. A lot of people are knocking them because of that, but if you have ever been up against any of the guys from the Alabama School of the Deaf you know they play you tough. Got my butt kicked in wrestling by a guy from there..........Of course that was a looooooooooog time ago...... So the jury is still out on Waterloo......but I don't expect them to make playoffs......

Lexington looked good last week, of course they played Shoals Christian, but..........I think the only game they will struggle with is Madison Academy University. I am pulling for the upset there.........

Rogersville..........haven't heard a word or seen anything..........but it's Rogersville, so I expect a tough team.

I haven't heard anything about Colbert Heights either.........



Who have I left out?



Wanted to wait a couple of weeks to post some opinions to see how the teams play out.  


Start with the smaller local schools: 



Shoals Christian:  I talked to a guy with good knowledge of their program before the season started and he told me "in for a long year."   The talent is just down.   It happens everywhere.   I could see them still sneaking up to maybe 5th in their region, just because it's not that great of a region, but I could just as easily see them fall to 7th. 



Mars Hill:  Long year.   Just as simple as that.   No chance to make the playoffs.  Heard their starting QB got hurt in the opener too.  Never had that confirmed though.   Red Bay or Hatton (leaning toward Red Bay) should win 2A Region 8. 



Lexington:  Always hard nosed, but hard to really gauge much since their first two opponents were Mars Hill and Shoals Christian and now Colbert Heights whom I am not sure what to expect out of.   But they definitely have a legitimate shot at a playoff spot in a very competitive region.  I had them fighting LCHS for the 4th playoff spot, and right now, I give Lexington the edge.


Colbert County:  They have been building something special the last few years but when you get stuck behind the train that is Madison Academy is just makes it hard to take that next step.   I had picked them to beat Tanner against the advice of my friends also playing the Times Daily pick 'em and they held up.   That could go a long way toward building confidence in dealing with Madison Academy.  Prediction - 2nd in the Region


Lauderdale County:  I was shocked to see them ranked 10th to begin the season.   Sure they have great tradition and have been a power the last few years, but they lost a ton from last year.  The Simbeck kid is a very good running back and will get his yards, but they lost a lot on D and at the QB position.   The new starting QB was also hurt last week, don't know the lasting effects of the injury, but could be another blow.   Prediction - 5th in R8


Sheffield:  Has one of the most talent players in the area, Aaron Pride.   They have speed all over the field but lack discipline as exhibited by their 4 personal fouls, 1 unsportsmanlike and 5 bad snaps against Brooks.   If they keep their head on straight, they have the physical talents to beat a lot of teams.   Prediction - 3rd in R8



Wilson:  Will end up surprising a lot of folks (as if Fridays victory over LCHS didn't already).   Very mature team with lot so experience.   Jason Futtrell (sp?) is a very very good highschool running back.   This is once again a really top heavy region and that could play to their favor.   Prediction - 3rd in R8


Brooks:  A team full of freshman last year, now starts a bunch of sophs.   The future is very bright for this young group, but they may be a year or two away from really challenging for anything.   Running back senior Braden Tank will turn some heads and QB Tyce Thomas has improved drastically since last season.   Not the fastest team Brooks has had, but seem to be disciplined and stay at home.   Prediction:  2nd in R8


Deshler:  Let's face it, they always have talent.   The issue with Deshler is they start a whole new offense under a whole new coaching regime.   Those I have spoke with say the QB has a really good arm and has 1 receiver who is a big threat.   Deshlers saving grace is that they play two of their biggest region challenges in the second half of the season (Brooks & Wilson), thus giving them time to mesh.   One of Brooks strengths is secondary so that poses a good challenge for them too, but they have 8 weeks to get ready for that game.   Prediction 1st in R8


Central:  Central is the unknown commodity for me.  I just have not heard much about them from any of my friends or high school football acquaintances.   They are generally a pretty solid team and they are in a region, that again, is very top heavy.   I know they have some talented running backs, but really not sure beyond that.   Just on reputation and the bottom half of the region being so weak, I have them ... Prediction - 4th in R8.




Russellville:  Started a new era this last week by beating the brakes off their rival Deshler.   This could bode well, but again, it was Deshlers first game in a new offense that's miles from what they have done in the past.   Russellville got the huge benefit of the reclassification which made their region one of the best in the state to one of the worst IMO.   I do believe Johnson & East Limestone to be the class of the region and Russellville and West Point will fight it out for the last two spots.  Prediction - 3rd in R8



Muscle Shoals:  What can you say?  Easily the toughest region in the state?  Muscle Shoals will be beastly again.  They have tons of talent and the depth at RB is amazing.   I really think they will need to develop more of a passing game though to really have a shot at winning a 6A title.  And with this region (Athens, Austin, Florence, Decatur, Cullman, Hartselle), it's a gauntlet.  You could be a very good team and still finish 7th.   Stab in the dark here... Prediction - 3rd in R8


Florence:  What a game against Shades Valley.   Florence, although in a losing effort, staked it's claim as a legit title contender.   They have speed and talent all over the field.   Keeton Anderson is a beast.   The QB will take a little time to really get his feet under him, but once he does, they will be very hard to stop.   Prediction - 1st in R8.

Spot on, Monk.

I was a little surprised by Deshler's showing Friday, but then coach, new offense.

Was pleasantly surprised by Wilson's play against LCHS............

Central, even though it is my alma mater, I haven't a clue what to expect.......

I still think Lexington has a good shot, although after Colbert County's showing..........

I think we are going to have to reserve final judgment on Deshler for about three to four games to see if they really grasp this offense.  As far as Wilson, I had thought they would win, but the at the half sure didn't look it, but they showed a lot of character as most veteran teams do when they came back in the second half.   I am telling you, I worry a lot about that Wilson game on Brooks schedule.   They beat our boys last year and have the ability to do it this year. 

Crash should be able to give us more a little more info on Deshler. 

Ohhh, and yes, Mars Hill QB did suffer a shoulder injury against Sheffield. Have not heard how serious.

Shoals Christian is going to be down for at least two, if not three years, but our band is getting better.....


This week will give us a better clue all the way around, but the Wilson-Brooks game may shape up to be the one game "you do not want to miss"........

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