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I don’t care about January 6.

I stopped caring about January 6 by about January 8. As soon as the dopes in the media started lighting their hair on fire and screeching about the “insurrection,” I stopped caring.

The Left’s incessant habit of pushing too hard and too far resulted in January 6 rolling off of me like I’ve been Scotch-Guarded.

The 3-hour melee at the Capitol irritated me at the time – mostly because I knew what was coming. I knew the Democrats, Big Tech, and the media were going to use that brief, pointless event as a pretense to target their political opponents. I saw it for what it was: a foolish, self-defeating stunt that would backfire.

But the ham-handed overreaction on the part of the Democrats and the media was so laughably over-the-top, the only thing it evoked in me was chuckling incredulity.

If January 6 really was this super-scary “insurrection” where “terrorists” tried to “overthrow our democracy,” these ***holes wouldn’t have had to lie about it for the last ten months.

January 6 is this year’s Steele Dossier – a campaign ploy concocted by Democrats, boosted by the DOJ, and blasted from the partisan corporate news media. I didn’t fall for the Steele Clinton Dossier. And I won’t fall for this either.

I’m supposed to care about January 6 while Democrats keep trying to force through legislation that will upend our society, destroy our free and fair elections, and further cripple our economy?

I’m supposed to care about January 6 when the FBI and the DOJ are setting their sights on parents for having the gall to fight back against the indoctrination of their children?

I’m supposed to care about January 6 when the Biden administration is actively sending inflation and prices skyrocketing?

The same media that clutches its pearls over a one-off riot from ten months ago has spent the last several weeks openly lying about Kyle Rittenhouse in order to foment another round of street violence. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t give a **** about January 6.

The amount of damage, division, and destruction this administration and the Democrats have done to this country in just ten short months makes January 6 look like an Up With People concert.

President “Restore the Soul of America” has become the very authoritarian monster the media spent four years pretending Donald Trump was. His Justice Department is the weaponized, politicized DOJ the media warned us about while Trump was president. And the media, rather than hyperventilate in quivering rage either cheers it on or ignores it entirely.

So you’ll excuse me if I can’t summon up the barest interest over a 3-hour mob scene at the Capitol on January 6.

I follow this guy on Twitter who goes by the name Oilfield Rando. At his website Randoland, Rando provides a public service for every American – he combs through these massive spending bills and outlines just where Congress plans to spend our money. He’ll tweet out screen captures from one monster bill or another and add, “Ask me why I don’t care about January 6.”

Amen, brother.

Yesterday the dopey guy in the Viking hat was sentenced to 41 months in prison for wandering into the Capitol. And in a Twitter thread this morning, Oilfield Rando hit the nail on the head:

There’s a fundamental disconnect in how people view the egregious punishment of Q shaman.

Some people simply believe the Capitol is somehow more sacred than our communities.

After watching what goes on there, I find that notion preposterous.

Which is more sacred? An old government building where degenerates like Ted Kennedy and Maxine Waters are celebrated, or a small multi generational family furniture store in a Wisconsin town?

It’s a no brainer for me, bubby.

There’s cheeseburger joints and general stores in my hometown that have been open since before I was born. Run by the finest people you’ll ever meet.

You expect me to value those places less than the Capitol? Really?

I value the Oasis in Manhattan, Montana exponentially more than the Capitol.

Go try the prime rib, and I believe you’ll agree.

The people screeching about January 6 are the same ones mocking Americans for complaining about the price of groceries and gas. Not satisfied with gaslighting us over a one-off mob scene, they’re trying to gaslight us into believing that the Biden economy is a juggernaut.

Why would anyone believe one word coming out of their mouths?

Not one month ago, the Attorney General of the United States testified before Congress that the FBI wasn’t investigating parents who protest at school board meetings.

And he lied.

The FBI did nothing while rioters swarmed American cities and set fire to buildings.

When the Black Lives Matter rioters came to DC, FBI personnel went out on the sidewalk and kneeled in solidarity.

But frustrated parents stand up to the bullies on school boards and the FBI’s counterterrorism division launches an investigation.

Who are the bad guys? Were they the people who wandered into the Capitol on January 6? Or are they the people who have spent the last ten months targeting and prosecuting political opposition while driving our economy into the toilet?

To me the answer is such a no-brainer, even Maxine Waters could noodle it out.

This is why I don’t care about January 6

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When history looks back, if that's possible, the REAL Insurrection if not treasonous acts were those perpetrated by Hilary Clinton and the Democrats after Trump was elected in attempts to remove him from Office.  The True insurrectionist will never be tried or incarcerated but will skate free except in the minds and annals of History if truth holds any place in our future .  Trouble is that our sympathetic/pathetic media is culpable to the hilt and willing participants with those seeking to overthrow a rightly elected President.

Consider the lambasting and portrayal of Trump as whining and being foolish for calling that there was rigging of the election of 2020 when the Democrats, liberals, and most all of our Media spent over four years crying and preaching Russian collusion and tampering in our 2016 election all without any proof and worse with a fairly large amount of circumstantial evidence against such as happening.  Still today there are those who want to push the false narrative yet for most it's died down and you never hear of it again because all that has come out has come out against it ever happening.  

There were bad actors and treasonous people in our government and country that sought to overthrow the government at the expense of democracy and those are the ones who call themselves Democrats.  People even elected to public office such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Schiff yet none of them will ever see a measure of justice and worse will most likely continue to be re-elected by their constituents as they blindly vote for these people who care less about our democracy and constitution.  

Will we ever see justice?  NO! and its even doubtful that History will accurately record what actually happened but time will tell and even if it does few of us will be around to witness it.

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