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Look out!

Alabama's next!

ICE agents raid processing plants

By KIM NGUYEN, Associated Press Writer
1 hour, 45 minutes ago

Federal agents raided meat processing plants in six states Tuesday and arrested an unknown number of suspected illegal immigrants in an identity theft investigation, temporarily suspending operations at all six plants.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said the workers were being arrested on administrative immigration violations and, in some cases, criminal arrest warrants stemming from a nearly yearlong investigation.

ICE chief Julie L. Myers told reporters in Washington that agents had uncovered a scheme in which illegal immigrants and others had stolen or bought the identities and Social Security numbers of possibly hundreds of U.S. citizens and lawful residents to get jobs with Greeley-based meat processor Swift & Co.

Six Swift processing facilities were raided Tuesday, in Greeley; Grand Island, Neb.; Cactus, Texas; Hyrum, Utah; Marshalltown, Iowa; and Worthington, Minn., representing all of Swift's domestic beef processing capacity and 77 percent of its pork processing capacity.

No charges had been filed against the company.

"Swift has never condoned the employment of unauthorized workers, nor have we ever knowingly hired such individuals," Swift & Co. President and CEO Sam Rovit said in a statement.
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You beat me to the punch.

My first thought was YES!!!! then I read where they forgot to raid Goldkist in Russelville, then I said DARN!!!

Check out what the CofP said in Grand Ilsand, NE:

At Grand Island, Police Chief Steve Lamken said he refused to let his officers take part in the raid.

"When this is all over, we're still here taking care of our community and if I have a significant part of my population that's fearful and won't call us then that's not good for our community," he said.

What is NOT good for the community is:
drugs, use of taxpayer supported programs by those who are here illegally, community works such as schools and so forth having to dig deep to pay for translators, catering to illegals, etc. Oh, and the local police chief who refuses to enforce the law, whether it be local, state, or federal.

More crackdowns are needed. I suspect that with the Democraps taking over in Jan, and Bush exclaiming: "I can work with this new congress" in reference to his Guest Worker Program (aka amnesty), doubtful it will happen.

Seriously folks...this affects ALL of us. These illegals time and time again are using fake SSN's, some of them stolen, perhaps made up, some of dead people. As a former victim of ID theft, everyone needs to check their credit report to see if anything strange is going on.

Shoals Lover: you seem to be, no pun intended, to be somewhat of a "mister know it all". Do you know of a way you can check your SSN to see if it has been used by someone or other companies w/o your permission?
You can sign up with SS office to mail a statment every six months or so. I have done it and the statements always come, I check them against W2s and verigy. I guess we shouldnt care if the illeagles load up our SS with wages, only if they claim benifits or use the SS for credit.

Shoals Lover: you seem to be, no pun intended, to be somewhat of a "mister know it all". Do you know of a way you can check your SSN to see if it has been used by someone or other companies w/o your permission?[/QUOTE]
Originally posted by Brentenman:
Notice the sign on the FOX News website: (Please) Don't take my parents at Christmas

Typical for our media. There should be a sign right beside it reading...please respect our laws. I truly want these people to have a better life than what they endure in Mexico, but NOT by breaking the law.
Originally posted by Shoals Lover:
We'll have to see how the prez plays this one out, that's for certain. However, I think he'll probably be weak-kneed, as usual.

The incoming newly-elected are more populist, that's certain.

I'm hoping for good, and working like the dickens as well!

It doesn't matter which political party is in power.The Republicans want cheap labor and the Democrats want votes, so on this issue they have the same agenda : wide open borders.
Okay, no sympathy for the men with attitude problems, but did you see the faces of the women? Look at them, Brentenman. Yes, they should be deported and forced to enter legally or not at all. I agree with you. But if you think I can feel nothing when I see pain in someone's eyes, forget it. AGAIN, I agree they cannot be allowed to disregard the law, which hurts every citizen of the U.S., and should be deported.
If they hadn't of came over here illegally, breaking laws, faking ID's, then the womenfolk, err, senoras and senoritas, wouldn't be crying.

They sowed criminal acts, they thieved, now they have to reap the bitter harvest of jail and or deportation. Justice is to be blind, with no bleeding heart liberalism throwed in.

No pity from me. None.
A friend of mine was on a recent grand jury in Frankland co. There was a case where a Tx. man had been recieving threats from the IRS because of taxes not paid from income recieved from Goldkist in R'ville. The man had called the D.A. in Frankland co. told him his name and story. Never been in Al. didn't even know where Frankland co. was.Turns out an illegal has bought his ID in Texas and was using it at goldkist. Need more proof that we are being invaded and don't even know it.
Well I see someone mentioned one of the most notorious in the Shoals area: Goldkist (or whoever they are now) BUT what a lot of folks, unless they work their or know someone who does, is SARA LEE FOODS (Jimmy Dean, Rudy's Farm take whatever name change you want) BUT: man are THESE folks slick about it. They do all their illegal hiring through KELLY SERVICES. This is the same KELLY SERVICES who was awarded a contract from the Florence Board of Education to provide substitute teachers at taxpayer expense at a higher rate than was previously being paid by the city. Also, the Sara Lee plant almost got the last bunch of council crooks to pay for extra parking for THEIR employees and Kelly's illegals. ONCE AGAIN: a great story for some investigative reporter (ya'll have to give me credit for trying to make the TD reporters actually REPORT! LOL)
"we know it...seems our government doesnt"

Oh yeah!

How many times've you been asked for YOUR Social Security Number by a non-governmental agency for a non-governmental purpose?

Oh yeah!

Think about it next time you fill out a credit application for that house loan, credit card, signature loan, car loan, telephone line, utlities and electric power, cable teevee & Internet.

Oh yeah!

Every #$%^&* business in the God Blessed US of A has YOUR Social Security number... including the call centers in India!

Oh yeah!

But! (and that's a BIG BUT!)

We can thank our congress' laziness for their Big Business interests whom have allowed everybody and their corrupt brother to have access to our Social Security numbers.

They only legal purpose for which they're supposed to be used is Social Security.

Oh yeah!
This is where the term ****roach comes from:

No charges had been filed against Swift as of Tuesday and Palmore said plant officials in Grand Island were cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing. For the most part the employees were cooperating as well, he said, although he'd heard of some who tried to climb into a false ceiling inside the plant in an attempt to hide.

Just like bugs scurry when RAID is sprayed into an infested room, or when you enter a room, flip on the lights, the bugs scurry. Today, the illegals attempted to scurry, but, too bad. No where to hide from the ICE version of RAID. Now, the illegals get a one-way ticket to the "Roach Motel", jail or detention center...some are sent back to where they came from.


"What about the children?" That is the liberal's favorite battle-cry.."..the children.."

Simple: if the parents hadn't of broken the law, then their children wouldn't be in a dire predicament. If the U.S. would amend the Constitution and get rid of the "born in USA [for any reason] is a citizen" and modernize it (back then, was necessary, and a result of the emancipation of slaves after the Civil War), we would have to worry about "anchor babies" and the like.

What about MY children...and YOUR children, and their future....who are U.S. citizens? Their resources are getting suxed dry...An example of this is happening in New Orleans (see seperate thread on that). Or Franklin County, who is out of funds by the 2nd quarter of every fiscal year due to drain put on the system by illegals..?

No, I have no pity "..for the children..." Deport them, too.
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My problem with "for the children" is this. What are you teaching the children? These children are here because their mothers snubbed their noses at the laws that make our country great (great enough for them to want to come here).

Do they see the irony of their actions? Do you love this country? Yes. Do you love the laws that cause you to love this country? Yes. Will you obey the law? NO?!?

I can't believe the media! What are they, stupid? This effects them just like it effects me. I for one do not hate Mexicans! I'm just being logical and a law-abiding citizen and expect the same from everyone else.
Right after 9/11, I stopped a male Hispanic for a traffic offense. In running his South Carolina DL for a warrants check, it came back as belonging to a DECEASED individual. The SSN he gave came back 'NOT ON FILE', which usually indicates that it's bogus. He was placed under arrest for 'criminal impersonation'. Being right after 9/11, I contacted the FBI and learned that South Carolina was a hot bed for stolen IDs being suppled to jllegals.
In a strange kind of way, perhaps this 'fraud' by illegals, is a boon to the flagging reserves of the Social Security Trust Fund!

You know... they're (illegals are) paid with checks, from which Social Security, Medicare and IRS withholding have been deducted.

The funds are going somewhere, and they're going to the feds, and to the accounts of those whom were legitimately issued the numbers.

Kinda' weird when you think about it, ain't it?
Shoals, you usually know your stuff, but the dog has to bark at you on this one. NO, they are NOT paying their taxes, maybe SS (mandatory, of course it will not be used by the fraudulant id that is stolen) and often are on Food Stamps, Section 8 housing and any other program they can get. Take my word Shoals, I KNOW! Every Hispanic at Sara Lee claims single and 9 so no taxes are taken and then at the end of the year DO NOT FILE! Sara Lee and Kelly Services need to clean up their act, or the immigration authority needs to do it for them! A raid would do them good!

1200 illegals arrested. From all over south of the border, not just Mexico.

1200 is a start. Goldkist, Sara Lee, etc. need a good raid..

BTW, this is not the largest sweep of illegals. I have posted it before, Operation Wet-Back of 1954 was the largest sweep of illegal aliens. Over 80,000 estimated were deported, with over 500,000 estimated to have fled before INS began the raids. For more info, click the link below:

I laugh at the censor here...I guess c-o-c-kroach is a dirty word......
I have stated it before but will one more time. English should be our state lang. Before you get a green card learn it or go back to wherever. If I want to hear it I'll turn on the SAP on the one eyed monster. Yes I had it in college and if I were to head south I think I should be buffing up big time.

John Mellencamp " This is our country "
Well Max, you have hit on a whole new subject that I would like to address. Have you noticed the help wanted in HR position and supervisory positions that require or "prefer" BI-Lingual? I mean it isn't bad enough that these illegals are taking jobs away from workers, don't give me the old slogan (these workers perform work which Americans WON'T do) now they are taking away jobs from those who have degrees and supervisory skills ONLY because they are not fluent in Spanish. Hate to go back, BUT Sara Lee and Kelly Services ONLY hit bilingual supervisors now!
Originally posted by mlholt:
I love those who defend the illegal invaders by saying "if we send them home lettuce will be $10.00 a head." If you factor in the burden they place on our health care and educational institutions it's already us costing more than that.

I agree and they could be the cause of the Ecoli out breaks. I have read where they take craps in the fields as they are picking vegetables espesialy south of the border. That is where a lot of are so called " farm fresh produce" comes from now. It's not grown in the good ole USA anymore.
Lettuce wasn't $10 a head when Americans were picking it. Hear about the e coli that has been going around at Taco Bell? Remember the tainted spinach incident? Yo Brotha is right, cheap labor and lack of hygiene standards are reducing the quality of our produce and it's making us sick. When you hire people used to third world standards to harvest vegetables for a developed country, this is what happens.
Oh boy. What a bunch! The Illegals were paying payroll and f.i.c.a. taxes on their earnings.

MORE importantly they were WORKING! I don't care if they are green Martians, they came here, illegally, to WORK.

How many millions of citizens WILL NOT WORK! Why should they. They are supported from cradle to grave.

I think you folks have found a more acceptable race to hate. Stop being moral cowards and tell it like it is. Drive through Florence Alabama and count the couches on the porches, then cross the river and do the same in Sheffield. You won't find many Hispanics sitting there, they are working, illegally.
Originally posted by Quarrles:
Oh boy. What a bunch! The Illegals were paying payroll and f.i.c.a. taxes on their earnings.

MORE importantly they were WORKING! I don't care if they are green Martians, they came here, illegally, to WORK.

How many millions of citizens WILL NOT WORK! Why should they. They are supported from cradle to grave.

I think you folks have found a more acceptable race to hate. Stop being moral cowards and tell it like it is. Drive through Florence Alabama and count the couches on the porches, then cross the river and do the same in Sheffield. You won't find many Hispanics sitting there, they are working, illegally.

1. Illegals in most cases do not pay taxes, i.e., they do not file proper 1040's because 9/10 they have false or fake SSN's....AND, because they are paid in cash under the table, they don't pay FICA, FICA, etc...

2. They produce fake documents 9/10.

3. 9/10 they do not have insurance, and when they wreck, it is messy. Leaving the victim floating the bill. Then, our uninsured motorist coverage goes up....

4. They smuggle drugs. And people.

5. See my pics of the illegal alien march on the Mall in D.C. last April. Then, you tell me if they desire to assimilate into our society. Me says no. Especially, after what I saw and witnessed there. I felt like a foreigner IN MY OWN NATION'S CAPITAL, NOT FAR FROM THE CAPITOL.

This is not racism. The above is fact. Where have you been? Do you watch or read the news? Open your eyes, man....this is Invasion USA.

Here are some proof:
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Originally posted by Quarrles:
Pull the sheet off your eyes Brentenman. People who will and want to work are my kind of folks. Obviously you don't agree.
Oh, by the way, it's not what you used to be that counts, it is who and what you are now that matters, look in your mirror with both eyes open.

Pardon me..."pull the sheet off your eyes Brentenman.." Are YOU saying I am a member of the KKK or something? For the record, is that what you are saying? For the record, do YOU have proof I am in the KKK or some other domestic terrorist organization? Please post or provide proof. We on this board and myself want to know...
Quarries, have you read every single post on this thread ? I don't think so, otherwise your outlook on illegals might be different. Our nation is being invaded and it is not by the French. Our social system is being sucked dry by these "no habla inglis" bums.
Yes some of them work, just look at Goldkist. You must have overlooked my post about the Texas man that the IRS had by the twins over unpaid taxes from money earned at Goldkist. He had never been to Alabama but his ID sure had. An illegal ADMITTED he bought it, to a grand jury in Franklin co. after he was smuggled into the the U.S. illegaly. So yes, some work they just don't pay taxes.

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