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Rob Reiner is making a bizarre demand from Trump –
because of what Roseanne did

Your everyday whining crybaby snowflake liberal moron.
Making demands of Trump that have nothing to do with the POTUS.
Just another pathetic piece of neurotic waste.........

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner demanded Tuesday on Twitter and on MSNBC that President Trump come out and applaud ABC for cancelling Roseanne Barr’s show after a racist tweet about a former Obama aide.

Reiner on social media said that ABC did “the right thing,” but said that Trump was “stoking” the evil fire that inspired Barr’s tweet. He added that Trump would be continuing to “stoke evil” if he didn’t applaud ABC.

      Rob Reiner

 ABC has done the right thing. They’ve stood up against racism. It is our country’s original sin. But this is 2018 and it has no place in the hearts of decent people. Unfortunately our president has stoked these evil fires. If he doesn’t applaud ABC, he will continue to stoke evil


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direstraits posted:

When Bob played Meathead on TV, everyone assumed he was a character actor. Now, after years to observe him, we realize he was just playing his own meathead self. 

Norman Lear said the character Michael was written to be as far out and wrong in his beliefs as Archie was in his.  I tried to watch it in reruns, but unfortunately by the time it was in reruns the left had become as stupid and ridiculous as the Micheal Stivic character, and there is nothing funny about them.

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