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Wise and Sage advice from someone who knows. Tis best to conceal who you are and lie about your agenda.  Even Obama knows that there is a limit to what people will support, as a whole, and thus in order to win, as that is the goal then they can implement what they want when power is gained, LIE about who you are and what you plan to do so you can fool the electorate into voting for you and giving you power.  This has worked for Democrats all along so why change now.   Wise advice from a master.  

Many know that the ONLY way that they will gain power and win is to fool those that vote and sadly, today, that is not such a difficult thing to do.  You can be sure of yet another page in their playbook and that is when everything goes south (ie. bad, terrible, horrible) because of their plan and their methods then blame those who really know what they are doing as being responsible and not the actual ones responsible for the catastrophes that follow such horrible policies.  

Just listen to Democrats today as they try and gin up the public once again using healthcare and healthcare expenses as a campaign rallying cry.  No mention or acknowledgment though that it is their own misguided policies and "Obamacare" (aka ... unAffordable Healthcare Plan, aka Democratic Healthcare Plan) that has put many in this nation in such economic peril solely account of their healthcare cost.   It was the Democrats plan, flawed Obamacare, which gave insurance companies the green light to hike deductibles and policy cost to people who were accustomed to reasonable rates before.

My family's medical deductible before Obamacare (and the Democrats) messed with it, was $400 annually and AFTER Democrats messed with it the deductible soared to what it is today which is $4,000.00 annually.  That's money that comes out of my pocket BEFORE any insurance coverage takes effect.  So whereas before Obamacare I would spend $400.00 annually before insurance started paying their 80% today I spend $4,000.00 out of my family's budget before insurance starts paying their 80%, that is if they pay 80% now at all.  Often there is some clause or unforeseen thing that the insurance company uses to say they will only pay some 43% because you didn 't use one of their participating providers.  

Remember Obama, and the Democrats taunting and promising if you like your doctor and coverage you can keep it?  ALL LIES which they knew beforehand were lies but only spouted it in order to lure the public into going along with it.  Even Biden in his campaigning speaks of making Obamacare better.  What NONE of the Democrats will say though or admit to is it was and is their party that messed it all up, to begin with.  ALSO what you will never hear is how THEIR Insurance and THEY, along with their congressional staff, are EXEMPT from Obamacare or any of what they imposed upon Americans.  Their deductibles, if they even have them, are still low and reasonable while everyone else's account of their policies are outrageous and historically high.

Still, though you have the same accept anything they are told and hear people who continually defend the Democrats and Obama and blame the Republicans for all the medical and insurance ills that exist all the while remaining ignorantly blind to the fact that it is their chosen parties people who created this mess.   The same will ensue with the other liberal policies that will be implemented if these people are allowed back in power and the same predictable, obvious, results will occur due to their political recklessness and the same people who are oblivious to the results of their past horrendous policies will be oblivious to the new ones as they blindly accept the blame being levied against those who opposed the very policies that led to the destruction.  


Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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QBerry, not being an American but sure enough anti America showed his 
indifference to Black, Brown, Yellow or White. It didn't matter, when they
all were considered workers for the one world cause. The UN is beating
our doors down and if you don't believe that's the plan I'm not surprised.
America is too stupid to vote, as in Qberry voted in twice, too stupid.

No one can afford Obamacare. The deductibles  are outrageous...and some lower income folks can't even afford the monthly premium cost. One man told us he still has the payments coming out of his check but he can never afford to use the insurance...and his deductibles increase yearly. I think he said his were now around $6000 to $7000.

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