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Catharine was the only child of actor Peter Lorre and Anne Marie Brenning Lorre.

Catharine nearly fell victim to "Hillside Stranglers" Angelo J. Buono and Kenneth A. Bianchi, who approached her one night in 1977 intending to abduct and murder her as they had and would do to ten women before the law caught up with them. Learning she was Peter Lorre's daughter, they just let her go. They were movie fans and liked Lorre's work. Catharine was 25 at the time.  After the capture of Bianchi and Buono, and their photographs were made public, Catharine realized who they were. Later in interviews, Catharine stated that she never felt threatened by either man: She believed it to be a casual and friendly encounter. Bianchi and Buono stated that the only reason her life was spared was because Peter Lorre was her father.

Catharine Lorre lived 32 years before her premature death. Her life was a troubled one. Orphaned at only 17 yrs of age, she only had had 11 years with her Dad, and 17 years with her Mom. Catharine had a few years as well with a husband who lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident, leaving her a widow.

Catharine suffered from juvenile diabetes- As she grew older, complications from her diabetes took a greater toll until in her final year she was hospitalized at Harbor General. At that point, she was suffering vision and circulation problems. She spent upwards of a year there and died shortly after. She died of sepsis and encephalomalacia, complications from diabetes, on May 7, 1985, at age 32.

Sadly, unbeknownst to family and friends, she remained in the morgue for nearly a month before funeral arrangements were made. Only a few people attended her funeral.
She was buried at Inglewood Cemetery on June 4, 1985. 
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  Peter Lorre (1904 - 1964)
  Anne Marie Brenning Stoldt Lorre (1922 - 1971)

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