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Restoring the nation’s soul by ginning up
fear, hatred, and suspicion.

Is this how you restore the soul of America?

The funniest **** thing about Joe Biden’s campaign for president was his claim that he would restore the soul of America.

If you do a Duck-Duck-Go search on “Joe Biden”+”Restore the soul of America,” you’ll find link after link from American corporate news outlets who ate up with a soon his cravenly dishonest pledge.

A man who spent half of his life in Washington DC hurling vicious, slanderous attacks at his opponents and lying about his own biography was going to restore the soul of America. It’s hilarious how many people believed that.

A man who routinely accuses black people of being too dumb and backward to get on the internet or hire a lawyer or accountant – is that how you restore the soul of America?

Accusing Republicans of being like the Jim Crow-era Southern Democrats and the KKK – is that how you restore the soul of America?

Then again, since Joe Biden believes that America’s founding is rooted in systemic racism, perhaps it makes sense that his idea of restoring the soul of America is to irreparably divide us and turn American against American, children against parents, and blacks against whites.

Yesterday Joe flew to the city where our Republic was born to deliver the most divisive, angry, slanderous speech any American President has ever given. Burping out hyperbole after hyperbole, this “Great Uniter” accused states with election integrity laws of causing a crisis in America worse than the Civil War, “And that’s not hyperbole,” the stupid, foolish, angry old crock added.

Didn’t Joe go down to Tulsa and claim that the three-hour melee at the Capitol on January 6 was the worst thing since the Civil War? I guess “Worse than Watergate” is all played out.

One part of that speech was true: Bullies and merchants of lies are in fact threatening the foundation of our country. But the guy who uttered those words is actually Chief Merchant of Lies.

He lies about what these election integrity laws are.

He lies about the “danger.”

He lies about everything. He’ll slander and defame anyone; he doesn’t care.

Seventy-eight percent of the American people support voter ID laws.

And Joe Biden, that soul-restoring beacon of unity, is calling them racists. He’s accusing them of supporting “Jim Crow.” He’s accusing them of being like the Ku Klux Klan (or “Klu Klux Klam” in Bidenspeak).

This man is an ugly, angry, mean-spirited ***hole.

And here’s the thing. He always has been. This isn’t anything new. If you’re old enough to remember the 1980s, you remember the way he treated Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court nomination.

Hell, if you’re old enough to remember 2020, you remember how he got in the faces of ordinary citizens and hurled insults at them for daring to question him.

Joe isn’t trying to restore America’s soul.

The only thing he’s trying to do is fearmonger, divide and attack in hopes that his divisive rhetoric and lies help the Democrat Party maintain its grip on power.

He’s ginning up the basest instincts of humanity – fear, hatred, and suspicion.

This man has no conscience. He has no honor.

And his soul is so black, it doesn’t know how to hire a lawyer or an accountant … or get on the internet.

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.


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