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Our verbose premillennialist enthusiast,. Bill Gray, has his own blog.  There he has an introductory paragraph about--of course--himself, with the following description of the Times Daily forum:


<<<"For over five years, I have been doing apologetic writing on the Religion Forum of our home town newspaper, the TimesDaily. I initially joined this forum because it was inundated and basically controlled by a handful of atheists, in alliance with a small number of other non-believers.">>>




POLL QUESTION FOR FORUM MEMBERS:  Do you agree or disagree with Bill Gray's characterization of this forum?


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Hi all,


If you will visit my blog which my Friend, Head, suggested, you will find this as the header:



A Ministry of Edification, Apologetics, Encouragement, and Evangelism -- providing Christian writings, articles, humor, and information for the edification of all believers; and to provide apologetic information explaining and supporting God's Written Word, the Bible, and refuting false teachings and false religions; to offer encouragement for all believers; and to encourage all non-believers toward faith in Jesus Christ through sharing the eternal hope found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


And, you will find this in the Bio/About me:


Gender:  Male

Industry: Non-Profit

Occupation: Evangelism/Apologetics

Location:  Southern California, United States

Introduction:  Since becoming a born-again Christian in 1987, I have been doing a Christian writing ministry, using the gift of writing given to me by God.  After spending 42 years in the computer industry -- field engineering, sales, and marketing -- I retired in 1998 and began doing a full time Christian writing ministry utilizing the power of the Internet to share God’s Word.  God has blessed my Filipina wife, Dory, and me with two wonderful children, a faithful Christian daughter-in-law, and five beautiful Filipino grandchildren.  And the greatest blessing of all is that all in my family who are old enough to know the Lord -- have become born-again Christians.  Our grandchildren are being raised in a Christian home.  Praise the Lord.

Interests:  Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Shining the Light of the Gospel upon false religions and false teachings, Seeing as many as possible have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Favorite Movies:  Gone With The Wind, Forrest Gump, Left Behind.

Favorite Music:  Southern Gospel, Hymns and Contemporary Christian Music, R & B, Jazz, Big Band, Opera, Classical, Mariachi, Latin, Country & Western.

Favorite Books:  Bible, Christian books and commentaries, Historical Novels.

What reason can you possibly have for not believing and receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?


And, on this Blog page, you will find WE BELIEVE -- which is our Statement of Faith, which was the first thing written on my blog page.


My good Friend, Head, has given you a partial quote from one of my post.  Let me give you a fuller version of it:


Once Saved, Always Saved -- Really?

Thursday, September 15, 2011



For over five years, I have been doing apologetic writing on the Religion Forum of our home town newspaper, the TimesDaily.  I initially joined this forum because it was inundated and basically controlled by a handful of atheists, in alliance with a small number of other non-believers.

My purpose in joining the Religion Forum was two fold:  First, to refute their non-Christian teachings.  And, second, to make sure that readers (currently 11,000 plus loosely registered members -- and an untold number of folks who only come to the forum to read) get to read the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

On the TimesDaily Forums, there are ten forums of differing interests.  So, I will have to extrapolate to say that, on the Religion Forum, this being Alabama (belt buckle of the Bible Belt), we must get our share of readers.

One of the hot-button issues which immediately draws the ire and stones from my non-believing Forum Friends -- is my contention that salvation is by the grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ -- plus nothing else.


To all my Religion Forum Friends, I invite you to visit my Blog and read the full post -- and to read other articles I have posted there. 


Also, I invite all my Religion Forum Friends to visit my Facebook Notes page.  To date, there are 218 Notes posted -- and, God willing, there will be hundreds more as I add new notes daily:


My sole purpose in writing is to share the Word of God and to refute false teachings.   I welcome your thoughts and comments.


And, Head, my Friend -- thank you for starting this discussion where you and I can tell more folks about my other Christian venues.  Prayerfully, thanks to you, I will gain more Friends from the Religion Forum on those venues.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,




1 Peter 3-15 - Walk In The Park


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Bill is a legend in his own mind. It would be hard to think that anyone that knows him takes anything he writes, or says, seriously. His same tired old embellished stories, over and over, the same old lies over and over, how he "picked" his wife because of her nationality, her kids, how many times does he think people want to hear that? His accomplishments? None that I've seen. Reading all his "life stories" once makes a person ask "who cares"? I've never seen anything he posted that was interesting or thought provoking. The only one that tries to take over this forum is bill himself, and he only has an audience because a few die hards are still thinking they might get something through his head. It will never happen. Bill is a dish best enjoyed on ignore/block.

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:

Hi all,


Well, so far, we have heard from our resident atheist -- and from the Ranter/Raver of the Roman Catholic contingent of the forum, Vic/Dove.   Wow, what a team!


Bless your little old silly hearts!


Y'all come back now, ya heah?



Gimme A Hug


I know it saddens you, Bill, to find so little response to a post featuring your very own blog information. Perhaps the title I chose for this entry was not sufficiently provocative.  Give it time, though; there might well be others who will wander in and discover an opportunity to vent their sentiments.

Sorry to say, your conversion rate (at least on this forum) does no speak well to your self proclaimed "gift of writing". Perhaps your writing is a turn off. you think? Maybe you should leave the writing to the educated theologians. Why you feel accredited to have a ministry is beyond me. Your writing only appeals to fundamentalists who spread false doctrine.
And why not reveal your TRUE reason for being on this forum- to steal our thoughts and dialogues to promote your blog. Shame, shame. You use all of us to get material for your "ministry". I suggest we all put bill on ignore, as I , for one do not care to provide him access to dialogue for him to self promote elsewhere.

There's nothing that will stop his lying. That's it in a nutshell. He is going to make up his stories and tell his tall tales. But again, it's doubtful that anyone that knows him takes what he says seriously, and even if they were to believe anything he posted, who cares? I can't get worked up over what people I don't know or care about thinks of me, especially if they find anything bill posts credible. 

quote:  Originally Posted by INVICTUS:

You need to remember what billie says on this faux religious forum has nothing to do with Religion.

Hi Vic, 


Oddly, you and I almost agree on this.  Most of the time I speak of the Christian "relationship" with Jesus Christ and not "religion."   I only speak of religion when I am refuting the false teachings and false doctrines of one on the world religions.   Other than that, I try to say on Christian relationship thoughts.


Wow!  Who said you and I cannot agree?   I suppose having a dialogue with you is like the broken clock -- it will always be correct twice a day.


See, we can be Real Friends.   But, I am the one on top!


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



A Real Friend


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