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A picture surfaced featuring a sign in a classroom right next to the modern LGBT flag that sported an interesting message. Is the sign a threat to students that they better get on board? Sure seems like it.

At best, this teacher is attempting to create an environment that fosters radical activism in favor of the LGBT cause, but let’s be real. Given patterns from the education system, a student stepping out of line won’t be treated well.

Let’s take a look at the sign and some past examples of teachers coming down on students for not wholly jumping on board with whatever their cause is.

Desperation met stupidity on the corner of bad luck and despair, and the democratic party was born.

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Article by Brandon Morse - who deserves credit, but did not get it here.


Funny out of all the mess the Biden administration and other dems are doing to our country, you want us to believe what bothers you is someone , in your mind, not getting credit. The video is CLEAR about who gets credit and you are just looking foolish. You try to come off as being so intelligent and then do this silly, childish, petty act and pretend you don't know who produced a piece just so you can deflect. You need to really get a life or acknowledge the other things/damage more important that the liberals are doing you could whine about. God knows with liberals in charge there is plenty.

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Your kids have a “woke” smart phone in their hands by age 8.  

It’s not teaching that’s the problem.

Odd comment for anyone that should be concerned about kids. My kids didn't have a smart phone by age 8 and would have been pulled out of a classroom where a teacher posted such mess. Yes, it is the teachers that are a huge part of the problem, and it is past time for parents to start speaking up.

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