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True, gr8t! You know what else? I am a firm believer in second, third, what-have-you, chances. Even tho' I don't care for either of them, here's what I think. I think, after seeing from an outsiders view how Kate treated him, Jon got embarrased. Up until then, like he's said before, that was just Kate. I also think that Kate never realized how mean she really was to him, but now that she's seen it from an outsiders view, she does. If that works for them and they love each other, then I hope they find a way to overcome this. Who cares what I or anybody else thinks. Jon seemed to be happier when he was working away from home and when he first started to work from home and Kate was still there a lot. I know that I can never understand the way Kate felt being home 24/7 with so many little ones. It's tempting to cross the line to self centeredness when you can finally do something for yourself after you have neglected yourself for so long. The little ones will be starting first grade. I wish they would just ask TLC to cancel the shows without a penalty or lawsuit, and find a way to reconnect to each other. Lord knows they've got lots of money saved up for those kids and with the right investments, the kids will never want for anything. I'm all for writing the books, but they could write them together and travel together for signings. Then nobody has to feel like a prisoner at home. If she would just demand they cancel the show, I really think things aren't so far gone they can't be righted for them. If she truly presented him with a contract tho', that kind of said it all right there. "I don't care what you do or who you do it with, but don't mess with my money." I can't imagine how I would feel if my husband, someone I love and trust, did something like that to me. Frowner
You are right, what they hey.......
I know that is why I wanted to bump this up. 33 new episodes. I wonder if they have already been filmed. I think if not it should get a little tense. ET says Jon and Kate will take separate vacations. Kate said she changed a window screen herself and did not like it. She is so spoiled.
My wife got me hooked on this program. On Larry King last night I heard him say he heard of the name change in his AGENTS office. His motives are painfully clear. That fool deserves whatever he gets. I used to be on his side until he started acting like such an idiot. I hope they do cancel the show. Kate has so many irons in the fire that she and the kids will be financially sound no matter what. John is the one who will be forgotten once his face is off the front page of the tabloids. He hasn't learned his lesson careful what you ask for Jon, you just might get it.
Originally posted by CrustyMac:
I keep wanting to say something like, "who cares", or "get a life", but then I remember how much time I spend on this forum.

Yeah, who cares get a life, is a good way to think about them. It still is hard when you flip by channel surfing to not stop when it is them. Then me too, I am always curious to what is going on here.
I watched a few episodes of the first season, but grew tired of it. Jon and Kate both are in need of some serious mental health counseling. And a divorce will probably be best for those kids (take it from someone who knows.... not that many kids involved when my parents divorced, but divorce was better than all the arguing that was going on)
OOH Girl, I love Kate. She so pretty. She have been doing such a good job with them childrens since Jon have up and left. She been cooking and having little movie parties with popcorn outside in them cute little sleeping bags.
I wish I could get my hair like to look like Kate's do. I been trying but it don't look as good as hers do.
Originally posted by semiannualchick:
Originally posted by Dea:
She have been doing such a good job with them childrens since Jon have up and left. She been cooking and having little movie parties with popcorn outside in them cute little sleeping bags.

Are you serious? That's just for the soon as they're turned off, all eight are turned over to the nannies.

Perfect set-up, Mom does all the fun stuff with them. They love her because she is the most fun mom in the world. The nannies take care of all the un-fun Mommy stuff. Rich people have done it for years. All the good times are what Kate is involved in. ???? if it a good thing or not.
Kids turn out great everyday, living in much worse situations than this.

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