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‘Mostly peaceful’ rioters mock, chase away CNN crew, hitting one on head with water bottle

“Peaceful protesters” in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the city where accused armed robber Daunte Wright was shot fatally during a traffic stop over the weekend, assaulted CNN crew members late Wednesday evening and then proceeded to chase them from the area. The assault happened outside the Brooklyn Center police station.

Video footage from the altercation showed one crew member being hit in the head with a water bottle with so much force that he collapsed to the ground, prompting one of the “peaceful protesters” to mock him for letting a bottle “knock you out.” The footage seen above was recorded by Nic Rowan, a reporter with the Washington Examiner. Speaking later with Fox News, he said that after the incident above, a verbal exchange ensued and the protesters began “shoving” the crew members.

Another video recorded by Rowan shows what happened next: The CNN crew began quickly retreating from the area as the mob of “peaceful protesters” tailed after them, shouting for them to “get the **** out of here.”

At one point, one of the crew members could be heard pleading, “We don’t want any trouble.” One of the “‘peaceful protesters” could meanwhile be heard explaining to another protester why the crew was leaving: “CNN being some b—hes, so we’re kicking them out.”

Once the crew had entered their vehicle and shut the doors, the “peaceful protesters” began pelting the vehicle with some substance. The protesters were clearly not peaceful. In fact, they rarely are peaceful. Yet CNN has a history of covering for violent, unhinged protesters and rioters.

“Rowan said he also witnessed a rioter assault a Reuters journalist, knocking his equipment on the ground,” according to Fox News.

Despite the protesters clearly not being peaceful, the CNN “reporter” in charge of the crew, Miguel Marquez, couldn’t help but downplay their actions once again.

“My team and I are fine and I appreciate your concern. I hope for equal justice under the law and will continue to report on this vital story as it unfolds,” he tweeted after the incident occurred. As of Thursday morning, the tweet boasted a ratio exceeding 550 percent. The majority of responses were unsympathetic, mocking and also angry.

As noted by critics, because of the media’s constant defense of violent protesters, these people now think it’s OK to act like this. Save for Marquez’s tweet, there appeared to be no coverage from CNN of its own crew members being assaulted by the protesters in Minnesota.

The lack of coverage prompted conservative journalist Steve Krakauer to ask, “Will this make the air on CNN?” As of late Wednesday, the story had still not, in fact, made the air.

“Even though the crew was later chased away from the chaotic and violent scene, CNN never mentioned it on-air,” NewsBusters confirmed at 10:56 pm.

It’s not clear at this point what it would take for CNN to admit that the “peaceful protesters” it’s relentlessly defended for over a year are, more often than not, anything but peaceful …

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