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I posted in another topic, in this forum, that Logans and Krystal corporations were having difficulty and plan on closing some locations in 2020 I have heard that the Muscle Shoals location of Logan's Roadhouse will not reopen and also that one, if not both, Krystal locations in the area will close soon.  

Other Chain restaurants that are having difficulty at the corporate level are Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays, and Chili's but I have, thankfully, not heard that any of those locations in the Shoals area will close.  Still, a lot of uncertainty so only time will tell.

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@Bamaman1 posted:

Logan's Roadhouse announced today that they were reopening some locations.  It's hard to believe the Florence store is not one of their best in sales.  They eat all the other close by restaurants alive in volume.


I'm not saying that the Florence location is one, in fact, I doubt it is just for the reason that you mentioned.  It's sad that the performance of the Muscle Shoals location led to so many complaints about there as I hate to see any location close.  I always thought that the best Ruby Tuesday's restaurant was the one in Florence but I understood the closure of that location over the Muscle Shoals one from a business decision because the land it was on surely brought them a lot more from selling it than the location in Muscle Shoals could have, provided that they could even find someone to take it.  

Just like the Logan's Florence location though I haven't heard that the Muscle Shoals location is in jeopardy rather just that the company itself is not doing so well.  Same with Applebees in that the Florence store may do enough sales to warrant staying open but the unknown is with the corporate condition.  That said I'm also wondering if Shoney's will actually follow through with their "re-purposing"  (renovating) of the Florence location to their newer style restaurants or if the COVID-19 shutdown along with their other problems will scuttle their plans.

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