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It is cool. But I was a little underwhelmed when I heard they announced that it worked when they saw two blips on the screen.....I saw the same thing with my Atari Pong back in 1980 and that thing only costs about $200.... Wink

I still keeping waiting to see if that beam of light comes out of the Indian Ocean, let the panic commence......
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I remember reading about how modern medical imaging technology is a direct spinoff of earlier particle accelerators. It’s pretty exciting to me.
I’ve been reading a forum (here) where a guy who’s been working on it posts. Cool pictures, info, and shirt. DeepFat, you so need to purchase one of those shirts! That is if you’re not wearing one already. Smiler

My son said that there were some kids crying at school yesterday because they were scared. He was asking me about it and I told him that we still had some duct tape left over from Y2K. Then he started asking about evolution and asked if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes and why didn’t they continue to evolve? Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me what his every word was when he was four. Everything was “why?”….”but why?” “why’s that?” … “why?”
I know ALL the talk has been about the world coming to an end because of this test today, but did anyone catch the real story. Everyone is worried about what MAY happen when they shoot two of the beams at each other and make the particles collide. This is what may cause the possible 'black hole' everyone is worried about. The collision of the two beams....

HOWEVER, everything I have read has said todays test included sending a beam clockwise around the collider and then sending a beam counter clockwise around the collider. They have reported that these two tests were successful with the exception of a little overheating of the electromagnets in the collider. From everything I read, THEY DID NOT SHOOT THE BEAMS AT EACH OTHER and will not for some time to come. So all this worry was about nothing. This was a test of the machine, not a scientific test. But NBC (and others) has been reporting that it was the collision that was taking place in these tests. During the NBC Nightly News tonight, Brian Williams actually mentioned how successful the tests were and that we were 'all still here' despite the worries and protests.

Anyone besides me seen outlets reporting it this way?

Originally posted by NightCroak:
I just wish the one thing they would learn from it would be that whatever they did, it did not happen by itself...there had to be a mastermind behind it...and thousands of years ago another mastermind did it on a much larger scale..when our ancestors were clueless.

Cool, someone who thinks on a much larger scale. Bill will probably flame me for months, but I have always believed that, while the Bible states God created earth, whose to say what happened before that? Whose to say God didn't create the universe by colliding two beams of light together, or that God didn't create man through the process of evolution? The Bible begins with man (for the most part). There is the discussion of the amount of time it took God to create everything, but we label time in our terms. 7 days (6 and on the 7th He rested)? Who says these were 24 hour EARTH days. To God 7 days could have been Hundreds of Millions of YEARS.

We try to ASSUME too much. I believe we should just have faith that God is there and that his teachings are truth, but also keep in mind that most are mans interpretation of his teachings.

How did I ever get this far off topic.....



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