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It makes me even sicker to know there are people in public offices that see nothing wrong with this and even aid them in getting access to children. Sick too when we see people in our own communities that vote for these people knowing their agendas. We see how the groomers are taking over the schools, and we know the reputation of the Biden clan when it comes to child molestation.

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Something else to make you sick, police support and defend these drag shows.

WHY was a drag show even going to be allowed in school????

A man standing next to protesters with the far-right, white nationalist Patriot Front group outside of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church shouts across North High Street on Saturday morning at counter-protesters defending Holi-drag, a planned drag story time reading event at the Red Oak Community School located nearby on West Weisheimer Road. Proud Boys, another far-right white nationalist group labeled as terrorists by Canada and New Zealand, were also present to protest the drag event, which was canceled due to safety concerns, the school said on social media.

Columbus police Chief Elaine Bryant issued a video statement Monday in response to the weekend’s canceled drag holiday story time event in Clintonville, saying the police division “stands fully with the LGBT+ community.”

Bryant’s statement comes after the Red Oak Community School canceled its Holi-drag story time Saturday morning over safety concerns about protests by the Proud Boys, a far-right white nationalist extremist group, and what school officials had described as a "casual, distant acknowledgement" of the event from police.

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