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That's too funny...I got Fred Thompson. Smiler

If he just felt differently about the war in Iraq, I'd do everything I could to get that man elected. However, as stated previously, that is number one for me in this election. I am beginning to see that I will be voting Democrat and there a few Democratic candidates that I never thought I'd vote for. Frowner

Thanks, site.
Originally posted by PBA:
Originally posted by MarianLibrarian:
I got Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis Kucinich would make a good president.

Man, thank you for that...I needed a good laugh today... kucinich a good prez....hahaha, you should take that act on the road dawg
You’re welcome, Blues. A buddy in the Air National Guard sent it to me.

Interesting survey you took, too.

I thought it might surprise a few folks with who they matched up.

There’s one person who commented on other’s matches, but didn’t disclose his. So who do you think he hooked up with that he doesn’t want to share?

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Originally posted by budsfarm:
With the stated opinions of the candidates.

FYI to all, just in case someone missed it the first time around like I did. You rank the issues by importance to you personally in the box to the right of each issue line. It's really obvious. So, I cannot imagine why I missed it (in a hurry I am sure), but thought I'd mention it. It did change the outcome somewhat.

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