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"Self Control"???, for minor error to your order at a drive thru taken to extreme behavior. (Lack of self control)

Twerks on her way out!!.... Cute....!!

How do you loose it this bad where you have to Call 911, because McDonald employees got your order wrong.. maybe order was for a Big/Major Special Occasion in her life, don't know.

Tianis Jones, 22, charged after flipping out in McDonald's over mistake with her order

Holy Moly, order mistakes at drive thru's, minor irritation in my view, of her situation. Clearly no social skills to deal with minor disappointments in everyday life situations.  Good luck to this young lady, she's got another 60 years to go. Hope she learns to make it in real life.

  • Here's another order screw up and this lady is upset (putting it mildly)

Someone's gonna have to be held responsible!!

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@1130 posted:

wait, the employee struck her first.  so what is happening to her?

Video 2 - Red Head Customer:

Fired?? or Franchise owner keeps her for what ever reason?? and hires consultants to introduce training of "Customer Service Skills"  to its new employees, many of which don't remain employees a month from being hired.

  • Better yet !! She just became a star for the new video training tool that every new employee must view, when dealing directly with customers face to face.  " How NOT  to handle Customer Issues".

Obviously the Red Haired Customer believed she needed to be..... "The Squeaky Wheel gets the Oil" in a Big way.... and hopefully Arrested !!!

She slapped at her after the woman ran her mouth and no telling what the woman had called her. "Ex-law enforcement"? He was useless. I hope they find the crazy thing. All that over a messed up order.

Well... It wasn't exactly a Will Smith-Chris Rock Jap Slap!!

Maybe that's the way Red Head resolve all her issues at home when she doesn't get her way... now she's doing it publicly.

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