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Every game day at one Lauderdale County High School (not the one my children attended) is given a theme. Last week it was 'Merica Day and teachers and children were told to wear Red, White, & Blue.

Two fourth grade teachers took it a step farther and wore clothing supporting former president Donald Trump and posted pics on the Internet. It has divided the community, and some have filed complaints with the BOE concerning this man and woman who teach impressionable children.

It looks like good restaurant workers aren't the only employees that are hard to come by. Do these teachers really care about our children? I'm guessing no.

Kate loves a mystery...

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Kate didn't do what she is always crying about and give a source so I searched. I didn't find anything about it. High School is not the fourth grade, and anyway, who says they can't wear whatever they want when they want and post whatever they want to post on the internet in or out of High School? You have people in political offices and schools openly supporting antifa, blm and other violent and dangerous leftist radical groups, posting online, and wearing clothing with their pictures and supporting them and people like Kate don't make a peep. I'd rather have these teachers teach my kids than someone that wants to bring in drag queens and teach kids to be ashamed of their sex and color, or like Kate that thinks they have the right to control what people can or can't do as long as it is legal.

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Many county schools share a campus for K through 12. Everyone in all grades celebrate the same thing. It appears this happened only in the fourth grade class. (There is a photo.)

Yes, there are a lot of things around the country that are wrong, but this is Lauderdale where I pay taxes - Central School. I can't do anything about the way-out schools in California, but I can object to what Lauderdale teachers do.

I'm pretty sure teacher training tells prospective educators not to openly advocate one candidate or religion or even college football team.

There may be a photo but I found nothing at all about it. So, because you pay taxes you think that entitles you to tell people what they can and can't do in their private lives? That's one problem with the liberal mindset, you can do it but others can't. I didn't say you didn't do anything about things in California or other places, I said you never speak against those things. As a matter of fact you are always in support of them. Why do you think teachers can't openly support their candidates or post anything they want to post online in support of those candidates, as long as it isn't illegal or in the classroom? Those teachers need to tell you to MYOB.

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Does anyone else find it humorous that  the best amateurs berated another poster and told them what they could and couldn't do.. while railing about 'you can't tell someone what they can and can't do'.


oh the irony.

If Kate said the sky was blue...  the best amateurs, on these forums, would come  to argue with her over whether it was truly blue.

What about it? I have no idea who it is or where and when it was taken. You seem to be trying awfully hard to make something out of nothing and when pressed can't really come up with any reason anyone would object. Do you still have kids in school? I've read this site on and off for years and it seems like your kids should be grown and out of school years ago.

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Yes, both my children graduated from Brooks and are now out of college. I, however, still live in Lauderdale County and pay taxes. These taxes support teachers in all the county schools.

Public school teachers shouldn't be allowed to campaign for any candidate.

I pay taxes where I live too, but I don't stick my nose into trivial matters such as this. WHY can't public school teachers campaign for candidates? They have every right to do what other people are allowed to do and what is it to YOU what they do in their private lives? You really need to move on and get a life.

I pay taxes where I live too, but I don't stick my nose into trivial matters such as this. WHY can't public school teachers campaign for candidates? They have every right to do what other people are allowed to do and what is it to YOU what they do in their private lives? You really need to move on and get a life.

How foolish can you be? Teachers are free to support whomever they want when on their own time. but when they are at their teaching job, they are held to a standard where they are teaching formable students who are told to respect and follow the teachers directions.

The teachers are not supposed to tell a student how they should think when it comes to politics, otherwise there is going to a biased group of kids being brought up and think what the teacher are dictating to them is true.

AS Americans we are allowed and expected to form our own feelings as to which party we choose to follow.  A teacher forming a student to follow one party is WRONG!  If this is going to be allowed then you are going to have to allow protests against it just the same.

It's just an avenue to distract the students from what they go to school for, which is to get education.

Dems don't like what any Conservative does to support their political party or candidate. Not in public or private or 'social media' lives, but they think liberals should be allowed to force feed everyone their liberal agenda, even kids all over the place, in every area, even in the classrooms, and punish children, parents and any others that don't repeat the liberal party line. I don't remember even ONE lib speaking against teachers pushing their agenda in and out of school.

A video showing elementary school students learning songs praising Barack Obama for his "great accomplishments" and efforts to "make this country's economy No. 1 again" is generating anger from conservatives today.

In the video at left, students at New Jersey's B. Bernice Young Elementary School are shown singing about the president, in one case to the tune of "Jesus Loves the Little Children," according to Fox News.

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