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In the run-up to the 2016 election, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller promoted white nationalist literature, pushed racist immigration stories and obsessed over the loss of Confederate symbols after Dylann Roof’s murderous rampage, according to leaked emails reviewed by Hatewatch.

The emails, which Miller sent to the conservative website Breitbart News in 2015 and 2016, showcase the extremist, anti-immigrant ideology that undergirds the policies he has helped create as an architect of Donald Trump’s presidency. These policies include reportedly setting arrest quotas for undocumented immigrants, an executive order effectively banning immigration from five Muslim-majority countries and a policy of family separation at refugee resettlement facilities that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General said is causing “intense trauma” in children.

Hatewatch reviewed more than 900 previously private emails Miller sent to Breitbart editors from March 4, 2015, to June 27, 2016. Miller does not converse along a wide range of topics in the emails. His focus is strikingly narrow – more than 80 percent of the emails Hatewatch reviewed relate to or appear on threads relating to the subjects of race or immigration. Hatewatch made multiple attempts to reach the White House for a comment from Miller about the content of his emails but did not receive any reply.

Miller’s perspective on race and immigration across the emails is repetitious. When discussing crime, which he does scores of times, Miller focuses on offenses committed by nonwhites. On immigration, he touches solely on the perspective of severely limiting or ending nonwhite immigration to the United States. Hatewatch was unable to find any examples of Miller writing sympathetically or even in neutral tones about any person who is nonwhite or foreign-born.

Support Democracy. Racism/bigotry is a mental disease.

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Some right wing talking points follow that same pattern. Make Group A feel better than Group B....profit.

The newest one is: It's a republic not a democracy.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I get the feeling some people hear this and think " It's a republic? I should be a republican then. Democrats are wrong."

Democrats are baby killers...

Blacks are stuck on the democrat plantation...

All follow the same pattern.


Another one: "The press is the enemy of the people"

see how it tries to spread....

Officials in southwestern Wisconsin have approved a resolution that restricts water quality information to certain county officials before being released to the public. The amended proposal would only affect one county instead of three and no longer calls for prosecuting journalists who edit an upcoming news release on a regional water quality study.


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