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A businessman in Texas just sold three pizza parlors. So how does that affect you? Brace yourself… The story next…Back in 2010, Bob Westbrook owned three Cici’s Pizza parlors. While the people who wrote and passed Obamacare couldn’t be bothered to read it, Bob didn’t have that luxury. He was president of the Texas Restaurant Association, so it was his job to find out what was in Obamacare. What he found was that he’d be forced to buy his 96 fulltime workers heath coverage, which would bankrupt him -- or pay a fine $78,000 bigger than all three restaurants’ profits combined. So he did the only logical thing: he gave up and sold his businesses. My guess is that those 96 fulltime jobs will soon become 200 part time jobs. Hey, that’s more than double the job creation, right? So how does this affect you? Multiply Bob’s story by every medium-sized business in America. And now you know why Obama is so anxious to put off Obamacare until after the election. Because it slices up American jobs like a pizza.
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Originally Posted by daddy joe:

Can't help but notice that none of the brain dead libs have a response....

You are to hard on THEM!

"Crotch (Crash)" is not answering because...he's applying salve to the burn on his bald assed head caused by the micro-waves bouncing off his "Aluminum Cap".

QuailDung? Well...He's still looking in his dictionary ...

Contendah? out pulling up "Wal Mart" coming soon signs...whilst searching for "Feral Cats" to hit with a hammer...

SeeWeed? Just waiting on "Crash" to He can go ..."Yada...yada...yada..."

Must be embarrassing for the whole bunch.

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