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I'm hoping some of you could suggest some mystery/suspense authors for my next trip to the library. Some of the authors currently on my favorite list, well, I've read most, if not all, of every book by them in the library (I read alot and tend to read fast!).

Okay, here's a partian list of my favorites:

Dan Brown
James Rollins
Gregg Hurwitz
Kirk Mitchell
Alafair Burke
Jonathon King
Tony Hillerman (RIP)

If you have a suggestion of any author who writes books similar to the ones by these authors, I sure would appreciate it.
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Thanks everyone!! I've added these new authors to my list of what to look for. And re-added a few I had forgotten

Another type of story I look for has what I call the 'woo woo' factor, like the look for an artifact that will save/destroy/cure the world, the search for a long hidden city or culture (like Atlantis); the kind of stories that sound totally farfetched but the kind that a good writer will make totally convincing.

Again, thanks everyone - we go the the library tonight!
Originally posted by uwsoftball:
LOL, that is so true! I found a new author last week that you might like. I can't remember the name right now. When I get home tonight I'll PM you the info. She apparently has a series that has the main character searching for Atlantis, the Garden of Eden etc.

I read the Garden of Eden one and it was pretty good.

i'd like to know who this is as well...
it does sound interesting!!!

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