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‘Pee on the floor’: Antifa launches attacks at Conservative Summit, blocks traffic, harasses guests

Members of Antifa staked out the Hyatt in Denver, harassing, threatening, and physically attacking participants of the Western Conservative Summit being hosted inside the hotel Friday night.

The terrorist group, encouraging like-minded passers-by to join them, passed out fliers in front of the hotel that read “We combat fascism by confronting it head-on in mass demonstrations of the strength of our opposition.”

That “strength” was first demonstrated and caught on film by reporter Emily Brooks in an altercation that turned physical outside the hotel when Antifa members attacked a man filming them outside.

The man in the white shirt and backpack seen in the video nearly takes a tumble as the rioters try to knock his phone out of his hand.

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One Antifa member can be heard telling her she needs to “try some patience and don’t honk at us.” Another retorted that she “didn’t give two sh*ts” about holding up traffic because the hotel was “hosting ****s.”

An unseen man threatened the woman as she talked away, “If you touch one, you gonna get touched by every a** one of these motherf**kers.”

The confrontation was captured on video by Blaze TV reporter, Elijah Schaffer:

Later in the night, Antifa blocked traffic in the street while chanting, forcing cars to reverse down the block. A male member of the organization was filmed taking pictures of the license plate numbers of cars just trying to make it down the street they were blocking.

The group pre-planned the attacks on attendees of the summit in a public Facebook invite that Facebook did not remove, according to Schaffer.

Antifa members later resorted to harassing all hotel guests as they paraded around the property’s perimeter led by a girl on a megaphone, chanting “There are ****s in there” and smacking the windows.

They later asked the guests they harassed to “pee on the floor” of the hotel in protest of their hosting the conservative summit. Because bladder leaks are the historically viable solution…

They got creative with their chants as the night went on, yelling “Fascists run, fascists hide, Lauren Boebert stay inside”. When the police finally arrived to dispel some of the chaos, the group chanted “Boebert’s ***** boys” at them.

The group that organized the violent standoff is known as Denver Communists.

The conservative conference, themed Frontier Freedom this year, “highlights the spirit and possibility of America, especially through the unique lens of the American West—an honest and optimistic perspective much needed in 2021” according to the website.

A number of high profile conservatives are participating in person in Denver including Victor Davis Hanson, Andy Ngo, Chad Wolf, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, and former Sen. Rick Santorum among many others.

Joe Biden-What you get when you order a president and get a cheap Chinese knockoff instead.

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Why a "Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade in Chicago"? Do that in PR.

A group of men converged on a couple who were celebrating the Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade in Chicago and allegedly shot them in a horrific incident that was originally caught on Facebook video.

The assailants numbering about six allegedly dragged the couple out of their vehicle, which was displaying the flag of Puerto Rico, and opened fire in the incident that occurred in Humboldt Park.

Victim Gyovanny Arzuaga, 24, a father of two young children, was rushed to a local hospital where he tragically died from a gunshot wound to the head. Yasmin Perez, 25, who was shot in the neck, is listed in critical condition. The suspects are reportedly still at large, and detectives are investigating, ABC 7 reported.

According to Arzuaga’s brother, the encounter started when his sibling allegedly rear-ended a parked car. The men then attacked the couple on Saturday night at about 9:15 p.m.

Authorities seemed to confirm this source of the violence. “A police spokeswoman said there was a crash before the shooting, leading a large crowd to surround Arzuaga’s vehicle in the 3200 block of West Division Street. Arzuaga and the woman were ambushed by up to three men, who fired shots at them, police said,” the Chicago Sun Times reported.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover medical bills and funeral service costs. Organizers have asked everyone to keep the couple’s children in their prayers

The following day, loved ones set up a memorial at the location where the man was fatally shot.

“My heart is destroyed, that was my best friend, my brother,” the brother told Fox 32 Chicago. A friend described Arzuaga as “really caring…he was just about being around good vibes, being around good people.”

According to NBC Chicago, at least five individuals perished and 44 were injured over the weekend in gun-related incidents in crime-ridden Chicago, which is presided over by far-left Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

About 1,700 shootings have reportedly occurred in Chicago so far, resulting in approximately 300 fatalities, in a city that has plagued with gun violence over a period of years.

The Puerto Rican Day parade was one of the first large-scale events in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent editorial, Fox News host Tucker Carlson cited Lightfoot’s soft-on-crime policies as one of the factors in the ongoing violence in America’s third-largest city.

“Lightfoot banned the police from chasing criminals, even in the case of some very serious offensives. And her D.A. refuses to prosecute many crimes. The results? Nearly 200 more people have been murdered this year than last,” he declared. Carlson also pointed out that Chicago has one of the strictest gun-control laws in the country.

Hate crime HOAX: Student sets room on fire, claims she was target of racist attacks (

A female student at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin, claimed to be a victim of racist attacks. She even reported that somebody had started a small fire in her on-campus residence hall to attack her. But a closer investigation showed that the student started the fire herself.

Shortly before 2:30 a.m. on April 18, the La Crosse Fire Department was dispatched to Marian Hall in Viterbo. Marian Hall is one of the university’s on-campus student dormitories.

Campus security led the fire department responders to the building’s second-floor lounge. There, the firemen saw the remains of a small fire that a campus safety officer had put out before their arrival.

The fire department responders said there was a “fair amount” of smoke damage. A wall and a small area of carpet were also damaged, and the building needed to be ventilated to prevent the students living in the dorm from inhaling too much smoke. But the fire was so small that it didn’t activate the building’s sprinkler system.

On the same night, Viterbo student Victoria C. Unanka reportedly texted one of her friends to say that the fire was not an accident. She claimed she was its intended target because the fire started close to her room in Marian Hall. Unanka had previously claimed to be the victim of several other racist incidents in the past, including one event wherein racist graffiti targeting her appeared in Marian Hall.

Unanka quickly became the main suspect in the arson incident

Because of previous incidents supposedly targeting Unanka, Marian Hall had recently installed surveillance cameras. The La Crosse Police Department (LCPD), in its investigation, used the surveillance video and identified Unanka as the main suspect in the arson incident.

According to an LCPD report of the incident, the video shows Unanka left her room at around 2:09 a.m. She walked around the floor, checking for other people. She then spent the next five minutes at the lounge area and a bathroom

before returning to her room at around 2:14 a.m.

During that same time, the cameras picked up smoke coming from the second-floor lounge. Unanka herself sounded the alarm that there was a fire by frantically knocking on the doors of multiple residents and pulling a fire alarm.

When LCPD arrived at the scene, they saw groups of students huddled together talking about how this arson incident may be another hate crime. (Related: Campus insanity: Hate crime “victim” sent racist notes to himself, says police.)

The LCPD even interviewed Unanka. She told the officers that she had been out with her friends that night and came back to Marian Hall at around midnight. She said she prepared some food and went into the lounge area to wash her hands. She claimed to not have been anywhere else in the building and that she did not notice anything suspicious before she saw the fire.

When the LCPD noticed the inconsistencies between Unanka’s version of events and the surveillance footage, officers confronted her about it. She immediately changed her story.

For her second retelling of events, she claimed to be frustrated by the fact that “no one was listening to me anymore” with regards to the supposed previous hate crime incidents against her. This is why she wanted to start a fire in the lounge by turning on a stove in the kitchen and leaving it on.

Unanka claims to have had a change of heart. When she returned to the lounge from the bathroom, she claimed to fin

d some smoking food remnants on the stove. She attempted to put out the smoking mess with paper towels. These paper towels caught on fire, which spread after she tried to shake them in an attempt to extinguish the flames. In a panic, she deposited the burning paper towels in the garbage can. This only made the situation worse.

Unanka was arrested and placed on administrative suspension on the same day

The LCPD arrested Unanka for arson and negligent handling of burning materials, but then released her on a $1,000 signature bond. One condition of her release is no contact with Viterbo’s campus. But campus security gave Unanka a grace period of several hours so that she can pack up her personal belongings in her residential unit.

At the same time as the LCPD was releasing Unanka on bond, she was informed that Viterbo had placed her on administrative suspension. Viterbo President Glena Temple confirmed that Unanka left the campus on the day of her release from jail and that she moved back in with her family.

“This is a complex situation that involves a series of concerning incidents,” said Temple in a statement. “We continue to investigate the incidents earlier in the semester and any potential link between them and this fire.”

“We remain concerned about the student’s wellbeing and we will continue to work with her and her family,” added Temple. “In addition, we continue to hold listening sessions and expanded student support services to assist all our students during these difficult times.” has the latest stories regarding false flags and fake hate crimes.

Link to Fathers Day weekend in Chicagoland... Lightfoot presiding, as she declares, Shooting Crime is no big deal, Racist are #1 Problem !!! ( Her Priorities of Reality make No Sense to me) . I pitty some of my former co-workers still living there, they can't wait to retire and Move the Hell out of Chicago...!!

Video to incident on: Caution !!! Its disturbing to watch, when its in your face..

Chicago Homicide: 3200 W Division St

Link to Fathers Day weekend in Chicagoland... Lightfoot presiding, as she declares, Shooting Crime is no big deal, Racist are #1 Problem !!! ( Her Priorities of Reality make No Sense to me) . I pitty some of my former co-workers still living there, they can't wait to retire and Move the Hell out of Chicago...!!

Video to incident on: Caution !!! Its disturbing to watch, when its in your face..

Chicago Homicide: 3200 W Division St

Your link isn't working for me.

You might be able to go to -

Look for topic on page, "Fathers Day Weekend", then scroll down until you see (Saturday 6/19 heading) , look for the street address listed above, and Click Video at end of Street, takes you to footage of shooting.

I tried it out and this worked for me..

I hope the link works for others. They need to see the video.

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Soccer With Mans Head

“Monster” Suspect Decapitates Man, Plays Soccer With His Head In The Street

A New Mexico man recently released from jail reportedly stabbed and decapitated another man in a Las Cruces park Sunday.

The suspect, Joel Arciniega-Saenz, 25, confessed Monday that he murdered and decapitated James Garcia, 51, in Apodaca Park, Las Cruces, and then dragged his body into a city street and play soccer with his severed head, police told KFOX.

Arciniega-Saenz reportedly told investigators that Garcia had raped his wife four years earlier, but failed to identify his wife or provide evidence, police said.

“I was just shocked it actually happened. It’s stuff you see in crime movies or stuff like that,” Mark Rey, a Las Cruces resident, told KFOX.

“This is a small-town community. That’s sad, that’s disgusting and sad,” said Jose Maes, also from Las Cruces.

Arciniega-Saenz was accused of shooting and killing Benjamin Montoya, a 21 year-old Las Cruces man, in 2017, KFOX reported. He was released later that year after a key witness in the trial was discovered to own a gun of the same caliber that killed Montoya.

“I don’t want this guy to be released again and go do something stupid again and go hurt another family again,” Benjamin Montoya’s sister Krystal told KFOX. “I just was very angry because they let a monster out.”

Arciniega-Saenz had also been arrested in May for vandalizing Las Cruces business, but had been released.

“Our office has diligently argued to keep this guy in jail on the most recent charges for vandalizing Beck’s Coffee House,” the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office told KFOX, “but the District Court Judge Wingenroth ‘didn’t find him dangerous’ and released him on a $2,000 bond.”

Arciniega-Saenz is currently being held without bond at the Dona Ana Detention Facility in Las Cruces, KDBC reported.

South Carolina rioters hurl objects at police, block intersection over video of cops struggling to arrest 2 black men

Rioters took to the streets in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on Wednesday night after a video was posted to social media of police struggling to arrest two black men at a gas station.

In the video, police can be seen attempting to apprehend Ricky and Travis Price after the former was stopped for allegedly making an illegal turn and “changing lanes unlawfully,” according to a statement by Rock Hill PD. Based on Ricky’s previous interactions with the police, a K-9 unit was ordered to search the vehicle and ended up finding two bags of marijuana in the door panel, and a 9mm pistol in the back.

While the two were being booked into custody, hundreds of rioters gathered outside police headquarters in Rock Hill and proceeded to hurl objects at officers in protest of the arrests, remaining there late into the night.

Protesters at one point blocked a downtown intersection before police in riot gear showed up on the scene. Upon their arrival, some attending the protest began to hurl objects at police, while others continued the seemingly normal practice of yelling in their faces.

Video of the protest shows people taking to the streets, chanting the usual “No Justice, No Peace,” “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” and “Black Lives Matter” slogans we’ve become accustomed to following last year’s riot-filled summer in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The protesters came out after video was posted about the arrest of the brothers.

As the officers pulled Ricky over, Ricky made a call to his brother, Travis, who arrived on the scene moments later. As officers questioned Ricky, Travis attempted to gather Ricky’s belongings from the car, which led to a struggle with the police officers. Officers subdued Travis, after taking him to the ground following heavy resistance from Travis Price. During this time, Ricky’s handcuffs were removed so that he could remove his jewelry for officers to give to someone on the scene. Rather than hand over his jewelry, Ricky apparently used this as a chance to escape, attempting to flee the scene while also throwing punches at officers in the process.

Video of the altercation show police officers striking the Price brothers in an attempt to bring the situation to an end, as both attempted to fight back during their arrest.

“As Officers were on the ground with Ricky, one officer delivered several punches to Ricky’s upper thigh on the Common Peroneal Nerve to gain compliance,” the police statement says. “The strikes had no effect and Ricky continued to resist. The officer then punched again, striking Ricky in the nose which caused him to bleed.”

Officers took Ricky to a local medical center to treat him after being punched in the face, and were able to uncover a bottle of Crown Royal filled with crack cocaine. After this, he was transported to the local jail with his brother, Travis.

Ricky Price was charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, carrying a pistol unlawfully, unlawful possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a violent offense, and resisting arrest. Travis Price was charged with hindering police.

As of this writing, there have been no arrests of anyone protesting Wednesday night. Ricky Price has been denied bond, with his brother still waiting to appear in court as of this publication.

Two women and a man in Illinois' second largest city outside Chicago are facing felony charges after allegedly beating and strangling a police officer who pulled them over for a traffic stop.

The Aurora Police Department announced Tuesday that 28-year-old Paul Sherrod, 24-year-old Jennifer Taylor and 26-year-old Sheba Taylor have each been charged with aggravated battery, resisting or obstructing a police officer causing injury and aggravated assault of a peace officer.

A male officer, whose name has not been released, performed a traffic stop on Sherrod around 10:30 p.m. Monday after he allegedly rolled through a stop sign near the intersection of Plum Street and Randall Road near West Aurora High School, Fox 32 Chicago reported.  

The vehicle, with two passengers inside later identified as Jennifer and Sheba Taylor, pulled into a driveway in the 600 block of North Elmwood Drive, and "the driver began yelling obscenities out the window," according to a press release from the police department.

A woman in the back seat then got out of the vehicle, and the officer "ordered her back into the car several times before informing her that she was under arrest for obstructing," police said. Before she was taken into custody, Sherrod, continuing to yell obscenities, exited the vehicle, approached the officer and told the officer he would fight him if he touched the female passenger.

The officer informed the driver that he was also under arrest for obstructing, and at that moment, Sherrod took off running and the officer ran after him. A second woman exited the vehicle and both Sheba and Jennifer Taylor ran after the officers yelling obscenities.

It’s unclear which Taylor was initially in the back seat during the traffic stop, but police said "the female rear passenger approached the officer as they ran," and the officer then "turned around and grabbed her arm to take her into custody, but she slipped out of his grip."

Both women "then began striking the officer with closed fists and kicking his body and head," police said. "The officer heard a male’s voice and then was struck repeatedly in the head from several angles." The female passenger "placed her forearm around the officer’s neck and applied significant force to his windpipe, causing him to lose the ability to breathe," according to the department.

"Our Aurora police officers are entrusted with keeping our community safe from harm. I am at a loss of words when an officer is physically attacked from something that would have been a simple traffic ticket," Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said in a statement. "We will not allow our city to become a place where criminals feel emboldened, and lawlessness ensues."

"This type of lawlessness and violence against our police officers cannot and will not be tolerated," Aurora Mayor Richard C. Irvin said in his own statement. "This was an act of malice and cowardice and I will absolutely seek that the perpetrators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let’s keep this officer in our prayers as the officer makes a full and complete recovery."

Additional officers arrived to the scene and placed the three suspects in custody. Aurora Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene and transported the officer to an area hospital.

Aurora Police’s Investigations Division responded to the scene, interviewed the subjects, and gathered numerous pieces of evidence. Detectives presented the case to the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, which authorized the felony charges against the three suspects.

All three suspects appeared in Kane County Bond Call Tuesday morning. Bail for each of the Taylors was set at $50,000, with 10% to apply for bond. Sherrod's bail was set at $75,000, also with 10% to apply for bond. Each suspect has a separate court date scheduled in July.

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