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The Story isn't exactly new but I've heard it's happening

The link above is to a story from around March of 2017 and from what I understand it's been approved and ready to start before too long.  The location is still around or in the large area of land behind and around the Florence Fire Department Station #2 which used to be an old Milk Distribution center, from what I understand.

The person I heard this from works for the Lauderdale County Education Department and is in a position to know and from what he said it's going to be a very impressive and exceptional development for the area and the kids in the years to come.  For some, it will just be another school zone but I'm glad to hear it's been approved if it actually has, and hopefully, we'll see development start on it real soon as I'm sure it will take some time for it to get built and able to take students.  Sounds like they are also planning to utilize some of the area for a music venue and concerts and the like so would be a nice addition to the area and might even enhance some of the areas housing values.

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