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Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley told the "Fox News Rundown" Thursday that congressional Democrats have not reached the threshold of proof necessary to impeach President Trump, despite wanting to do so "really bad."

"I don't think it's ever good practice for us to ask a foreign government to investigate an American. I will make that very clear. Having said that, there is nothing that is impeachable there," Haley said on the podcast.

"There is no secret he wanted an investigation opened up. There was no aid withheld."

"I know the Dems want this really bad, but there is nothing impeachable there," she added. "And they would have maybe a slight bit of, you know, credibility had they not been trying to impeach the president since his very first day [in office]."

The former South Carolina governor compared impeachment to a political "death penalty" and said Democrats are unsure of where to go next.

"I think impeachment, I have said it is the death penalty for an elected official," she said earlier in the interview.

She also stressed that "It's the highest, highest offense you can do against someone. And I just think it's hard to find where the Democrats are trying to go with this because if you just look at the facts, there's nothing impeachable there."

Haley also said she has already started helping Trump with his 2020 reelection campaign and plans to assist GOP Senate candidates as well.

"I'll be out there. I've already started doing events for the president. I'll be campaigning for him," she said. "I'm campaigning for senators that are running for office that I think we need to keep the Senate. We want to see us get the House back. And so I'll be involved doing those things."

Dems idea of telling the truth? Not getting caught in their lies.

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