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Forget the sex thing with Herman Cain!

Now THIS is a meltdown!

Appearing in the center ring of the rethugliteacon big top circus of politics:

All the clowns running for office under the GOP banner!

Don't you  "thugs" just HATE that you will have to nominate Romney and STILL lose!

Just go ahead and nominate either the Burn the Koran guy or Jimmy McMillan!

What can you expect from a group of idiots inspired by Glenn Beck to wear teabags on their heads!

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Originally Posted by interventor1212:

Perry  did a takeoff on Bush and the Dems didn't get the joke.  Big deal, regressives have the sense of humor of Jabba the Hut on a bad day. 

Nice spin, TOTALLY WRONG, but nice spin.  Is that what you are being fed on Fixed News?


Progressives have a GREAT sense of humor, we laugh at you rethugliteacons CONSTANTLY as do all those who SEE the antics of your candidates!

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