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So many wanting to inject Michelle Obama into the 2020 Presidential race.  Maybe it's a desire to take power away from the Republicans or a greater desire to see Donald Trump beat but for some reason its felt, and possibly rightfully, that Michelle Obama holds the secret to winning in 2020.  

Given that she has no seemingly business or political experience but is attractive because of who she is or who she married, is scary when you think about why we should be electing a leader and the power that is invested in that eventual leader.  Doomsday scenarios were laid out for years, caution against voting for this or that person.  Democrats preached loudly that Ronald Reagan would get us into a Nuclear Conflict with Russia and yet the opposite happened.  We had some of our best relationships with Russia, post World War II, under Ronald Reagan and the seeds for the destruction of the Berlin Wall were sewn under his administration.  Under Bush we were supposed to see Man Made Global Warming cause the destruction of the world and yet we are still here in the same shape as before.  

The one thing I haven't seen, even when Obama was elected, was the amount of visible and outright Hatred for an individual as has been evidenced against Donald Trump.  I don't know if it is hatred because he was once considered one of them and then switched to the opposite side (liberal to Conservative) or if it's he was considered a darling of the Democrats only to run as a Republican and keep from power the, then, appointed Democrat to rise to the position of President, the first female President.  Donald Trump politicked and campaigned on "Make America Great Again" and yet that alone has become a point of controversy and many have profaned it to become something it never was meant to be and that is a cry to return to slavery.  Slavery will always be a part of this nation and some could argue today slavery is still alive and well except rather than based upon race it's more based upon economic and geographic boundaries.  

If Michelle Obama runs then there will be countless numbers of Republicans presenting a scenario by which our nation will descend into a horrific place to live.  I think electing any individual, republican or democrat, has the ability to lead to some bad things happening but I also believe that Donald Trump has, in many ways, restored America to a place of power and economic prosperity.  I do though believe if we elect one of those who openly promote and praise socialism that it's possible that we could damage our Nation but I don't know if that damage would be or could be irreversible.  I suppose anything is possible and even under Trump there are dangers if a Nuclear conflict was realized but I don't think that is much a possibility as people fear or believe.  I think many wars and conflicts are more a progression of mistakes or errors rather than deliberate conflict between two parties.  I believe it's more complicated than that and are like most accidents and happen due to an unfortunate number of mistakes or errors.  Let us hope there are enough calm heads in our world to prevent that from happening again.  Two World Wars happened fairly closely together and let's hope that the world never sees (especially in this age of technology) another world wide conflict.  

As for Michelle Obama for President, I would hope she, herself, wouldn't be interested seeing what a cesspool politics is in and of itself.  Would she do a good job?  I frankly don't know because usually the president is not the sole person making decisions but rather it's who the President puts around them and in that way I might fear another Obama presidency.  Either way it is a decision of the people and hopefully the LEGAL citizens of this nation.  We get into enough trouble with our own legal citizens voting that to allow illegals to vote would surely invite disaster for years to come but that's just what some want to allow to happen.  Secure power at any cost it seems.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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L. Cranston posted:

Yep, Obama infatuation is alive and well, in the Republican Party. Notice how you don't see many Democrats even mention the Obamas or the Clintons, but Republicans can't make a statement without slinging an Obama or Clintion in there.

I think we are talking about two forms of infatuation.  I’m referring to it as a positive thing ... as in Democrats wishing Michelle Obama would run feeling an Obama would be their best chance to beat Trump, and she might be.  You however, I believe, are using it from a negative point of view using it to refer to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the perceived negatives surrounding them.  

Republicans aren’t the only political group that have difficulty letting go of something they perceive as an unpunished evil.  Democrats and some Never Trump Republicans can’t let go of Russian Collusion when there is absolutely no evidence of such ever existing.  The Dossier that has been proven to be fictitious and riddled with inaccuracies and being more political opposition research than anything else has been the catalyst for the Muller investigation along with various warrants against other Americans yet again after all this time the Muller investigation which was to target Trump and collusion found no collusion and has had to go after various Trump supporters rather than Trump himself.  

So, it isn’t just Republicans that have difficulty in letting go of things.  One reason Republicans continue to resurrect Benghazi and the Russian Uranium One deal is that Hillary still may inject herself into the 2020 race so she is still relevant in many minds.  As for Obama and say resurrecting things such as the hostage payoff to Iran on an air tarmac, Republicans are using such examples to counter criticism of Trump and the current administration.  Mind you the latter is just my own opinion and impression.  

Regarding Obama I believed, and still believe, he was elected more due to his race and speaking abilities rather than experience or capabilities and I believe his administration was more an embarrassment to America than anything else as he spent far too much time apologizing for what he perceived as errors and mistakes of America as a Nation.  I believe he may have had some good intentions but he stumbled his way through his terms and never really accomplished anything other than enabling our healthcare insurance cost to rise dramatically only exceeded by the rise In deductibles.  

I fully believe that much of Obama’s mistakes and his eventual legacy is one of inadequacy from someone ill equipped being elected to the office.  He was not a business person, nor savvy in economics, nor was he a seasoned politician but rather he was a community organizer and dreamer more than anything else.  Like every president we’ve had his administration is characterized by those he puts and instills around him rather than things he does himself.  Again just personal opinions, all subject to be as wrong as they are right.

With respect to Obama infatuation though that I meant more as a positive than a negative.  Meaning to say so many Democrats are seeing her as their greatest advantage or chance to unseat and beat Trump in 2020.  I too believe she would be their best chance.  Like one of Fox New’s “The Five” host said an overwhelming winning Democratic Ticket would be Joe Biden / Michelle Obama as President / VP ticket and that would almost insure 12 years of Democratic control of the executive branch.  

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