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Besides learning how it got it's name Odette Restaurant gets some publicity.  This is one of the local restaurants that I cannot present a review of because like the 360 Grille, atop the Tower by the Florence Marriot I just haven't found enough to lure me into the restaurant and there are so many other choices less pretentious.  Sorry but that pretentious term could have been omitted easily.  I'm not sure that is accurate with respect to Odette as well but that was an impression I got one time and it just kind of stuck.  

From the article I just didn't see anything that would entice me into Odette but the article was complimentary of the location and it's head chef.  I'm more a basic meat and potatoes type person and although I do eat out a lot I'm not one that seeks out "Fine Dining" so often.  When I want to go upscale and Georges is not on the agenda I choose to go to Conner's which is in Huntsville at Bridge Street Mall and is owned by the same people that own and run the Chop House restaurants.  Chop House is a fantastic restaurant but is located in Tennessee with locations in Chattanooga and mostly is centered around Knoxville, TN.  

If anyone here has tried Odette I'd love to know what dishes you find worth trying it out.

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Jutu posted:

It got pretty good reviews on the food...even though it does not look appetizing at all.


I looked over the photos from the linked article/page and I, too, have to say that most of the plated foods didn't look all that appealing to me either and certainly not enough to entice me to come in.  I know when it comes to "Fine Dining" the way that the chefs plate the food is of prime importance and can even approach the importance of the taste of the food, if that can actually be a point to make.  To me taste ranks first of all but I do think food needs to be appealing looking when you dine out because there are some things that can ruin or worsen a meal.  

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I've eaten there twice with a client, so it wasn't on my dime and I didn't order anything too expensive. Really like the food and the atmosphere.

I couldn't help but notice the "grinded coffee" line. I would have commented, but a local blogger and one other person beat me to it. The article could have been much better written.

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