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I was told by an employee that the opening of the Tuscumbia location of Ohh Bryans will be on Monday, September 3rd starting at lunch (11:00 AM I presume).   The exact location of the restaurant is in the old Pilot House restaurant which is in the same building as the Bookstore (if it's still there).  If anyone has heard any conflicting information as to the opening day/time please post it for us to see.

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Ate thee today and it was crowded and great. They planned to be successful because they started by taking in the other business space beside the old pilot house so they have more seating space. Steak was great, both of us thought the steaks were better quality than Stanfields. As for the old location don't fear we were told the original location would be rebuilt right where it was.
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We went their opening day.  About 3pm, they were packed.  Food was good!  Has anyone been to Regina K's?  Is it as greasy as Garden Gate?

greymare highly praised Regina K's, so we tried it shortly afterwards. Their choices were less than I had expected, and the veggies were about the same (IMHO) as GG, but I got what is probably the best country fried steak I ever had, but had to wait because there was no entree on the regular steam table that I wanted.

My wife really didn't like it as well as GG,  I tend to think it was about the same in quality . Since we go out quite a bit, I would go back , but my wife isn't interested.


The wife and I decided to try Ohh Bryans the other night and had the 14 oz Ribeye, medium as we always request it.   The steak was as good as any we have had in the area and the service was very good as well.  Our initial steak was overcooked and they quickly replaced it with another which was perfectly cooked and the chef brought it out.  It is the second steak I am commenting on and frankly was as good as any other in the area that we've had in the last year or so.


While Ohh Bryans is left out of the conversation many times when discussing Steak Houses I felt it should at least receive notice about a steak that was every bit as good as others that cost two or three times more depending on the restaurant.  The only dislike I could cite was that i wasn't a fan of the "fast" fries that they serve with the steak.  I'd much rather have the thick steak fries that Stanfields serves with their steaks but the baked potato that I substituted for the fries was good and Ohh Bryans certainly should be in anyone's conversation for a place to find a great steak.  



They’re still talking about rebuilding OH! Bryan’s in Mt. Hope on new 24 next to the Super Center.


That’s what we call the Dollar Store in MH.


I think they’ve got the land and worked out some sort of deal where they can use the DS driveway so they won’t have to pay for 24 road access.


But no ground breaking as yet.

gbrk, we've been there one time. The steak we had was tender but taste like it had been dipped in salt. Since I can't have salt, this was a huge disappointment. When mentioned to the waitress, no offer was made to make it right or not charge us for it. Her comment was, "Oh, I'm sorry" & walked away. We paid for meals that was left on the table uneaten. We won't be going back.  

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