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Looks like Ebay but sells in 90 seconds from PP.

Come to think about it, it's no different than MS13 but liberals
have their feeling hurt when someone says MS13 is a Animal. 


Whereas a human can be torn apart like a MS13 victim and that's
is called OK, a man made law.

Just maybe liberal sensitivity is a con job,,, BS if you will.  

The blue wave may prove to be just a blue eddy.  I don't expect a major change.  But, for instance, California has 43 congressional districts, of which 30 are Democrat and 13 are Republican.  I wouldn't be surprised to see two or three of those 30 districts go Republican.  As I mentioned, I spent a few weeks on the left coast last month.  I was mildly surprised at just how angry many Californians were with Governor Moonbeam Brown and the entire Democrat bunch. 

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