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Jutu posted:

So...kind of like what the left wants in the punished for looking at or speaking to a woman, and all the woman has to do is accuse him of doing it!

Accusations tough carry different weight depending on who is making them and to whom they are made.   Every accusation, whether backed up by verifiable information or not, should be accepted and acted upon if it's against a conservative politician or Justice, as in Kavanaugh and disqualifying for that person accused.  it doesn't matter if the accusation has no merit and can't be substantiated by others and happened 30 years prior to the time the accusation is made either.  But if it's against say a minority Democrat as in the State of Virginia or other prominent Democrat or liberal then the accusation is to be suspect and the accuser challenged at every turn.   In fact, just ignore the accusation and stop covering it in the media and it disappears and the accused retains their job and position.

Interesting how accusations are judged as being meritorious or not.

There are those among us who are pursuing the notion of placing this nation in under a theocratic government.  They are called Christian Dominionists. Their numbers are steadily increasing both in the U.S. and internationally. Unfortunately, they are flying mostly under the radar. But there are some who are working to expose their nefarious schemes. Check it out:



Another church in Memphis just shut down, world wide people are
leaving churches and attendance is dropping.
Now the liberals fear a so called Christian Dominionism underground
Sounds better to me than the One World enslavement they offer
and would have everyone deal with the holocaust they now worship
and are working so hard to force globally. All this started around 
Jan 2009. 

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