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The first thought that ran through my mind while reading this was ... I wonder what General Patton would say if he was alive to read it? For those of you who don't know General Patton he was the (in)famous World War II General who slapped a soldier in a Military Hospital because he froze in battle due to such high anxiety, well something like that.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Why would you choose that low moment in Patton's career to use in attempting to make your point?

Under the circumstances of the wars in Iraq (the Bushist Bungle!) and Afghanistan, winning depends not just on how many enemy casualties we inflict. If the people of those nations can not be won over, then the battles will be lost and the lives and treasure we are spending there will be wasted. Another great general, Stanley McChristal, understands that. This is not your father's or grandfather's or George Patton's war. This is a wholly different kind of engagement.
Well, if you look closely, I said the first thing that came to "MY" mind was that specific incident that clouded Patton's stellar career. It was a political thing, then, and this move by the military is essentially the same thing. No the two wars have no correlations however the mentioning of Patton is relative in that he was a Military solider effected by political decisions rather than military ones. Essentially this is the same thing in that I doubt very much that this was a true military decision. I think you are trying to read far too much into this simple statement.

I personally think General Patton would have essentially the same reaction to this event as that which he thought about the soldier being treated. In short that Politicians should concern themselves with the Political side of things and stay out of the General's hair and trying to dictate the way they want to run the wars.

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