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In response to a video in which Oprah Winfrey encourages white people to admit they are racist, radio legend Rush Limbaugh pummeled the popular black author and former television host.

"This country is defined by people who came from nothing, like she did," Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Wednesday.

"How in the world did she do it with so much white privilege and so much racism? Who in the world screwed up and let The Oprah become a billionaire? Which one of you white people made that mistake? Was it one of the King brothers who was her first syndicator? Who was it? Somebody really goofed up big time allowing The Oprah to become a billionaire. And not just a billionaire but one of the most powerful people in the country."

Limbaugh was reacting to Winfrey's discussion with NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho on a recent episode of "The Oprah Conversation," as several white guests admitted their racism.

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Just me, the reason Oprah hates White people so much when it comes

right down to it is the fact that she ain't White.

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Racism and bigotry are not exclusive to one people and/or race and to make the statement Oprah made just proves my point.  You also don't stop racism by more racism but people are flawed and failure to call out racism for what it is or failure to acknowledge it as being found in all races just advances it.

I know many are not religious but being religious I want to say until we approach each other and look at each other as God looks at us we will always treat each other differently.

God looks at all of us as the spirit/soul that He created rather than the outer flesh.  The spirit/soul had no gender nor does the spirit/soul have color or any other physical thing.  Until we can approach each other that way then we will allow our bias and prejudices to affect us.  

People will always be different in the physical ways but our spirits, that eternal spirit/soul is the same for all mankind and the way we defeat racism and bias.  At least that's my opinion.  Oprah should consider her own failings and racism/bias before judging everyone else.  The easiest way to grow and advance racism is to ignore it or worse fail to recognize it.


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You can forget religion having an influence on the white race haters
while they burn bibles, businesses, homes and bridges not to mention
the assault and murder, outright murder, slander and libel from every
direction. The Notzis tried it against an unarmed race of people who 
were caught off guard. Now we are confronted with the same type of
homicidal misfits wishing to convince a very well armed tradition of
folks they're wrong and to off themselves. That was tried before and
it will fail again.
I say let a few key people of different sides meet at Fort Sumter and 
grind that ax, lets dance.

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